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A lesson learned.
Sadie's Revenge

Sadie was a witch in training, she was only eleven years old. She came from a long line of witches, but she wasn't interested in the family business. She had problems casting the simplest of spells because of her lisp. She hated being teased. Halloween was a big day for her sisters, but she always dreaded it. She preferred staying home with her nose planted in a book, especially fairy tales. She could already hear them,

"Can you believe it? This is the best time of the year and all she wants to do is read," Marcella said.

"She's always been a bit strange... she doesn't even like cats; can you believe it?" said her older sister Sherry. Cats are our familiars. She loves dogs! she chuckled.

Marcella shook her head in disbelief. "Do you think she'll try to get out of casting her spell this time around?"

"Mom will be quite displeased if she disappears again from our festivities this Halloween," Sherry continued.

Sadie sat quietly listening to her sisters conversation. How I wish they could understand how I feel, she thought. I'm a changeling, and witchcraft scares me. I'm never going to remember those spells, much less say them. I always stutter through them and all my sisters do is laugh at me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could get a taste of how I feel.

In a moment of anger, Sadie silently cast her spell:

Marcella and Sherry must discern
and through this lesson they will learn
that it's not nice to make fun of me
on Halloween they'll come to see.
Each time they start to chant a spell
will bark like dogs, feel sorrow well.

Well, a few days later it was Halloween and Sadie forgot about her silent spell. So she was quite surprised when Marcella and Sherry began to chant their spell and all that came out of their mouths was bark, bark, bark, howl. "Oh dear," Sadie said as she started to laugh.

The look of horror on her mother's face; on her sisters faces. It made Sadie laugh even harder. Her mother looked at her with awe and said, "Sadie, what have you done?!"

Teaching my sisters a well deserved lesson... I'm sure the spell will end once Halloween is over... I hope.

The End

Word Count: 385

Day 9 Prompt: Short Story Day! Now I know I'm going to hear all the same arguments that I do every year. I'm a poet. Don't worry, the story tellers had to write poetry, now it's your turn. Write a short story about a witch in training. She can be little or a teen. I'm looking for a bit of humor out of this one. If it doesn't make me laugh at least once, well, I think you understand. Make sure to follow the short story guidelines in the rules.
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