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Rated: E · Draft · Horror/Scary · #2063380
a journey into the woods. a 52 week challenge entry
Sarah and John were twins about the age of eight years old. Sarah was always the adventurous one, while John was quiet and reserved about most things. They lived with their mother and father in a village on the very edge of a great and vast forest in the Gadzooks region of the country. Their father returned from a battle with a neighboring kingdom which was for a patch of land near the border that was in dispute.
Both children ran to him, when he came into view screaming, “Daddy!”
Hearing the kids screaming at the top of their lungs was enough for Jana, their mother, to come running to the aid of her children, as any good mother would have. Only to find out that those were the screams because their father appeared over the hill. She, like the children did, ran to her husband’s side hugging him, just as the children were doing, not willing to let loose of him for a long time to come. After all, he had been gone for about three months for the war which was finally over, and their side was victorious.
She had been fixing their dinner before they went out trick or treating, as was the custom on All Hallows eve. The children were very excited to not only have their father home, but to be joining in on the festivities that will come on this particular evening, so excited that the couldn’t eat anything. Nor did they really want to, but after harsh prodding from both parents they did manage to get everything eaten, and get in their rooms to get ready for the celebration.
As the time drew closer the four stepped outside their cottage and joined the crowd that was making their way to the grounds where the celebration was being held.
“Now this year,” James, the father, warned in a spooky voice,” No wandering in the woods!”
The kids just laughed at him, as they arrived at the gate to where the celebration was to be held. The kids quickly hugged their parents and took each others hands and ran into the crowds, while this gave mom and dad a chance to talk.
After about twenty minuets of fun, the kids came back to where the parents were sitting only a few minutes ago only to find that they were not there.
“There they are!” Sarah exclaimed as she caught sight of mother and father going into the woods, right where they told them not to go to.
“Come on!” she exclaimed grabbing her brothers hand and together they ran to the very edge of the forest, along the path they she had seen her parents going down.
“Wait,” John complained,” they told us not to go in there this year!”
“But they went!” Sarah answered.
John stood there a second while the gears turned in his head, before he figured out that down this path is exactly where their parents wanted them to go. Uncharacteristically, john grabbed Sarah’s hand, holding it tightly in his, and together they proceeded down the path into the darkest part of the forest. John began to get nervous and all the noises and sounds of the forest at night kind of scared him. He looked at Sarah and John could see it on her face that she was scared as well.
“John,” she said looking around trying to figure out where they were,” I don’t remember this part of the forest. I don’t know where we are.”
“We have only taken three steps into the woods, Sarah,” he said in a mocking tone,” How could we be lost?”
John looked at Sarah again as the color drained from her face; he turned around and saw the thing she was staring at the whole time. A cemetery with a house at the very center of it. A chill ran through John’s little body.
“Sarah,” He said nervously,” I don’t want to go here. I want to go back.”
Normally Sarah doesn’t get frightened easily, but this time it was different, she was scared to her core, though she will never admit to being that scared, it was all over her face.
“O-o-ok, John,” she said,” L-l-let’s go back.”
She took Johns little hand in hers and began to turn around , when the door to the cottage opened up and their mother and father stepped out, with smiles wrapped across their faces. They quickly waved to the kids.
“Sarah? John?” they called out,” Come on in. Its nice in here and there is lots of candy for you!”
Suddenly the fear fell away from the children and they felt it was alright to go in, after all their parents were there and they knew it was safe. But as they started to take that first step towards the house a noise caught their attention.
“Sarah! John!” the voices said.
The children turned around and it was their parents at the opening to the path calling to their children.
“You were told not to go in there,” Their mother demanded,” Come out of there , right now!”
The children turned back around only to find the cemetery and the house gone, as if it was never ever there.
“This woods is no place for children to go!” the father said as they walked away from the woods and rejoined the festival already in progress.

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