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Bonus Assignment 30 for NaNo Prep
How          did the events of your story change you?

I realized that this was not about just Matrim and myself. Matrim is the only heir to the Trellion throne. He must take his place beside Lady Brianne and produce a legitimate heir to take his place when he is ready to abdicate the throne.

2. How is life for you now?

Life as I know it is over. After the spell cast by Empress Demona removed Matrim and I from our time and space of existence we are imprisoned in the either of life until the next century begins. When we are reborn we will have no knowledge of our previous existence and we will make the same mistakes we did then until one of us or both of us dies in a horrific event. This is the curse we have brought upon ourselves through our own selfishness. If I had it to do over again I would have accepted Taurus as my suitor and encouraged Matrim to accept his betrothal to Lady Brianne.

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