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Minor #2 character profile
Brad is Emily's brother. Brad is 18 months older and one school year ahead of Emily. In this second book, he is a Freshman at a University. He received a scholarship to go to the University of Arkansas. It was a football scholarship. Brad is a tight-in and very good at it. He hasn't decided what his major is as of yet, but is getting the required stuff out of the way.

Brad went home for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the rest of the year he stayed at school. After all , they practice football almost year round.

Summer is here and he gets to go home for awhile, then he has to go back and practice, plus he has a lot of games at the end of the year. If he hadn't been able to go home, his parents and sister always come to his games, where ever the games located.

When Emily and Brad were younger, he picked on her all the time. In part, he was jealous because she was the smarter one. In the beginning of living in Nana's mansion/home, he didn't like it because he was going into middle school and was going to play football with his friends. This did not happen because they moved into Nanas home. He love Nana, but he wanted to stay in Florida with his friends.

It didn't take Brad long to get use to living in a large mansion and beig able to wander around in the old forest that backed up to their yard. All of it belong to Nana as she owned over 500acres of that land.

When Brad, Sue and Wayne was trapped in a Masoleum, Emily found them before it was too late.
Emily's father insisted on her telling them how she found them in the foret when she had always been terrified. Emily said she would tell them all when they got home. Well, she did and Sue and Wayne did not believe her. However, even though Brad didn't say it, it made him wonder about many things he had witnessed when Emily was around.

Now, it is Emilys parents and Brad tha tmust search for her as she has gone to fine the Queen of faeries. NO, she didn't say that at all. She just left and went into the forest to look for her.

this time Brad and his parents get to witness seeing the faeries an the Trickster.


Hi there! Come on in and let me tell you about our family and what happen to all of us. Well, we had to move in to help Nana bercause she had broken some bones and was in a cast. Mom packed us up and moved into Nana's old mansion. I have to tell you, I wasn't very happy in the beginning. After all I had to leave my friends and those I was playing football with. Actually I was very mad and during the car trip from Florida to here, I did my best to make everyone un comfortable. Em, she just slept most of the way and she had so many nightmare.

anyway, after a while, I realized I really love the old place and the forest. Nan eve took us o a tour to show us some of the special rooms and how they were back then. She told us about each room and wha tit looked like before she took care of it. At first I didn't want to go, but, you know, now I'm glad I did.

When Nana died, it was the hardet thing ever for my family to go through, yep, including me. I didn't realized how much I would miss her. Mom and Em stayed in there rooms a lot and you could hear them crying a lot. Mo finally came out and got back into the routine, but Em wouldn't come out of her room. It too mom to get her out.

Dad and I tried our best to take care of them, but man, was it ever hard. Anyway, she has been gone for a while, but we all still miss her.

Now, Em has gone missing! All of us are getting ready to go look in the forest for her. None of us know why we are going in the forest, but we just feel that is where she is. Em and I are really close now. She calls me at school all the time to check on me and we have the greatest conversations. anyway, gotta go and we are getting ready to go. I will let you know when we find her and tell you all about it. Bye ow,


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