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Using all 5 senses, describe a setting.
Emily and her dad went down to sign her up for driving lesson. She saw so many "Student Driver" cars and could not help but laugh. They went inside and Emily noticed so many young people sitting and waiting to drive a car. She heard many of them talking about finally getting out on the road and how much fun it was.They had been driving on obscure roads that no one ever used until they were familiar with the car.

Her dad left and the gentleman who was to be her instructor came over and introduced himself, then said, "lets go to the car and teach you something." Emily stepped back because she could smell his breath of stale cigarettes. She thought to herself, it must be nervousness having to take inexperieced drivers out on a road and not know how they were going to react.

He took her over to a fairly new white car and told her to get in on the drivers side. When Emily sat down, she could feel the cloth seat under her. At least it wasn't hot to the touch. The instructor asked her if she would like a piece of gum and she said yes. When she put it in her mouth, she felt the burst of cinnamon, which was her favorite.

Her first set of instructions he gave her were about the mirrors, seat belt, turn signals, bright lights and the windshield wipers. Next was about the gas pedal and the brakes. Once he had gone over everything, they began the process of backing out of the parking lot. And so her journey began.

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