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changes in the protagonist
When Emily first began her journey into the forst to look for the Faerie Queen, she thought more of herself and less of her family. She had a big fight with them about the car. Wayne had taken her to the driving school and she did well and passed her test and go her drivers license. At this time emily was eighteen years old. She wanted to be independent of her parents, so she decieved them by telling them she was going to different friends homes to study. When her brother, Brad came home, her told her to fess up to them about what she had really been doing. Emily had a part -time job in town, three days a week and did not tell her parents. She didn't even talk to them about it because that is what she wanted to do. After the big fight, they finally made up and her father gave her a set of car keys to one of their cars.

As she set out to go to work, another car T-boned her. Her right leg and arm were broken in many places. The only thing that saved her life is that they hit on the passenger side and not the drivers side. As it was the Firemen and the EMT had to cut her out of the car. They couldn't find the other person. They were amazed the person ran off because they must have had injuries.

Emily was in the hospital for a week and had to have surgery on both the harm and the leg.
When she returned home, she was in bed most of the tiem. Then Lilith and Daphne came and told her the Trickster was back. Emily couldn't believe it because she saw him burn up. But, if they said he was backl, she believed them. About two days later theycame an told her the Trickster had kidnapped the Queen of Faeries, Elsa. Many fareies were out looking for her as they spoke. But they wanted her help. Emily said olkay.

Emily left the house as quietly as she could, considering she was on crutches. She didn't leave a note for anyone. At least she could have told them she went into the forest. By the time Brad discovered she was gone it was gettiing late. Brad and his parents immediately started looking for her. For some reason, Brad thought she might be in the Forest. Gut instinct is what he called it. So began their journey into the forest looking for Emily. All the while they were thinking she had run away.

When they find Emily, she is down in a very dark hole and coughing. She had twisted another ankle when she fell through the hole. She was ill. It had started to drizzel rain and turned cooler. Mom and Dad and Brad managed to get her out, but not quick enough as the Trickster showed up and was angry.
the entire family stood to protect Emily and fought so very bravely, the trickster. He kept shooting fire at them with his horrible large hands. they in turn would throw stones at him. Finally, Brad threw a big sgtone at his head and hit him. the Trickster went down, but ot out. The faeries, which they could now see, brought fire and threw it at him. Once again he caught fire and burned into ashes. Everyone took some ashes and as each and everyone left they threw them into the wind so he coud never come back.

Emily felt so much love for her parents and Brad. she told them how sorry she was tha tshe slipped out of the hosue without letting them know where she was. She apologized for being mad at them all the time and she told them how much she loved them. In the end, Emily had chaged. She realized what her parent swere trying to do for her and she was such a bith about it all. She didn't understAND,K BUT NOW SHE DOES. She loves her family more than anything and her family finally saw the faereis and the Trickster.


Emily, how did you feel about going into the forest again by your self and nt leting your parents know?
I was still mad at how they wanted me to stay home and they would be the boss. I wanted to be the boos of myself and they wouldn't let me go.
But emily, you were on crutches and i two casts. One on your arm and another on your leg. You had had surgery on both. HOw did you think y9u could make it through the forest like that?
I didn't care. I just knew the Queen faerie, Elsa, had been so good to me and I felt I need to find her.
But weren't you afraid of the Trickster?
Of course I was. I didn't want to have to face that horrible beast again. HOwever, if I had to in order to fid the Queen, then I would do so.
When nyou fell through that awful disguised hole, what happen and ahow did you feel?
Well first of all, my breath was knoced out of me. When I was able to breath, I sat up and tried to stand up to begin trying to get out of the hole.
It hurt so bad, my other ankle was twisted and I thought it had been broken.

'I tried ot get out but i couldn't. It scare me when the Tricxkster aRRIVED AN SAID i WAS NEXT, after the faerie.
When I got sick, I really didn't care if I got out or not, but my family found me.
The faeries had tried to get me out but coulldn't.
My family did.

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