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who is the protagonist? main character; conflict
My protagonist is Emily wheeler and she is also the main character.
Her first goal was to get her parents to respect her as an older person, not a child
Her second goal ws to find the Queen of faeries, elsa
the Trickster has kept her from goning farther enoght ot find Elsa.
The Trickster keeps her family confused as to which way they are gong in the forest
the Trickster is the antoagonist and is the person she and her family have t fight
You have to believe in yourself and the love of your family.


I plan to work at my computer and my desk that is behind me. ll I have to do is swivel my chair around nd I am at my desk. I love listening to piano music while I work. I have a ton o f notes now to work with.

I will procrastinate by going outside with my dog, maybe working in the yard, then coing in to work on the computer. Then making myself some coffee ro starting food for dinner. Or writing out cards that are due to be written.
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