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WDC Soundtrackers Resurrection Jukebox 2015 Day 13 October 29 Fame and featherbeds
i just deleted everything I wrote here because it, well, sucks. I look at other blogs and wonder how people can write something every day. I struggle with finding anything to say. Today I have my husband Whiskey to thank for this entry. I didn't plan to write this, but it's too good to keep to myself.

Whiskey works as a safety person at a power plant and went to a plant in a neighboring state. He got to see his buddy who holds his job at the other plant. Whiskey and his pal are driving his three-quarter pound pickup down the road and find a huge puddle. Just massive. Not just a water puddle, but a water-plus-coal-dust-plus-coal puddle. Basically, sludge. My husband stops and studies the puddle. His friend urges him forward, saying "Your truck can make it through there. It's not that deep." A few seconds later, the pickup is resting at a 40 degree angle. Whiskey starts cursing while he tries to fix the problem.

I knew he'd be coming home today, and since it was a five hour drive, I texted him. I hoped he'd be leaving soon to come home. So, as he's sitting and cursing, his phone pings. There's my message, which read " Are you getting out yet?" Well, both of them burst into hysterical laughter. His buddy couldn't stop laughing; she found it hilarious. Of course, there were witnesses and much picture-taking commenced. She sat on the passenger side, the sunken one, waving out the window while someone took a picture. By the time a backhoe had reclaimed his truck, word was spreading all over Facebook. Those two are becoming legendary within the company for various events---they're known as
" Whiskey and Foxtrot" in the same way people say " Butch and Sundance" or "Abbott and Costello." I think today cemented their fame, though.

That has nothing to do with today's song, but it's what I've got.

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