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young man has had a hard life and buys a new house, with some help.
Johnathan once had a family, a wife and two beautiful little daughters, they were the pride of his life. A traffic accident took them from him, a drunk driver heading home after a night out at the bar hit them head on. The car burst into flame and all three died instantly, however the drunk driver survived without so much as a scratch on him. Johnathan lost his mind when he was told of the accident, and went to the accident scene, where he confronted the drunken man.
In the year that followed his tragedy, Johnathan sought all the help he could afford, as he was having an issue letting go and moving on. He visited their graves at least once a week, for not twice. He talked to them as though they were sitting right next to them. But that wasn’t the hardest part for Johnathan, the hardest part was the man that took their lives was the U.S. President’s son, and he never took responsibility for his actions. He thought big old dad would get him out of this, but because of his past he refused to, and let his son go to jail.
After about two years, Johnathan started moving on with his life. He bought a rather nice house, the one his family wanted, for a ridiculously low amount of money. Although his mind told him to question it, he didn’t, and the sale went thought easily. Johnathan signed the papers and began to move in the following day.
The house was an old two story red brick home, that had stood there for at least 50 years if not longer, with white trim, black shutters, and four big columns on the front porch. The look on jonathans face when he pulled up to the houses circular driveway in front, was one of amazement. He thought it was the most beautiful house he had ever seen, and the exact one his late wife wanted we they were looking for houses to buy.
The door unlocked with a click, as the key turned in the lock, the creaky door swung open slowly presenting a fully furnished house to him. He stepped over the threshold of the house, and was hit with an unending sense of giddiness about the house. For a while Johnathan forgot he was an adult and went running from room to room in the house.
Johnathan started a fire in the fire place as the sun started setting, poured himself a glass of the finest wine he could find, poured himself a glass and sat in a chair right in front of the fire place staring into it.
“I’m sorry Sarah,” he whispered to himself,” I miss you.”
After about five minuets , he swallowed the rest of the drink, putting the glass on a small table next to the chair, made sure the fire screen was in front of the fireplace and went up to bed. He changed into some shorts, and climbed into the bed. He tried for an hour to sleep, but sleep was no where to be found for him. The light of the full moon beamed into his window, causing the room to light up as bright as of he turned the light on himself.
Silence crept through the house; it was actually too quiet for him to sleep, so he was just laying there in his bed trying to sleep. The silence of the house was shattered by a soft voice in his ear.
“Get out!” the voice said in an eerie familiar tone of voice.
Johnathan was up like a shot, and at the bottom of the stairs in a heart beat thinking someone was in the house. Although he was sure he locked all the doors and windows earlier, he proceeded to walk through the house checking the house anyway.
Room by room he crept slowly and carefully checking each and every doorway, hallway, room, and closet for anybody in there. It took him nearly an hour to check the house place, and as he expected he found nothing. Feeling a bit relieved, he checked on the dying fore in the fireplace, and went back up to bed.
As before he lay in the bed, with the light of the full moon lighting up the room like a table lamp, he tried to sleep. Once again, the idea of sleep eluded him. Another hour went by and as before he heard a voice in his ear.
“Get out of this house!” the voice said again, only this time a bit louder.
Ok, this time he was down the stairs twice as fast as before. And once again, he went room by room checking, and once again he found nothing. As before, he checked on the fire this time, as before it was just fine. He turned to walk back up to go to bed again, and something caught his eye.
He stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed it. It was a gold necklace with an angel pendant on it, suspended on a nail on the hearth of the fireplace.
“Where did this come from?” he asked softly as if he expected an answer.
But no answer came.
He removed it from the nail and examined it closely, it was just like the one that was buried with his wife, and he had placed in the casket at the funeral on her body. He wanted to get to the bottom of this, but since he had grown tired he would look at it closer in the morning. As he turned to leave, he came face to face with a ghost of someone standing behind him; he stumbled back wards to get away from it, tripped over his own feet and fell to the floor with a thud. The figure followed him, causing him to freeze in terror. She then attacked him but just as it would have touched him; he sat upright in his bed.
The sun had just broken over the horizon and the next day had started. Johnathan was confused at first as to what happened. It only took a few seconds to remember that it was just a dream and that he was awake now.
He felt invigorated this morning, so he jumped up and took a shower. The warm water felt good on his body, and the pleasant shower ended all too soon for him. As when he opened the shower door to dry off he found the necklace sitting on the sink beside his towel. The color drained from his face as the implications hit him hard.
“I love you,” a voice whispered in his ear, and he recognized it now and his late wife.
He smiled as he realized it was her there with him all along.
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