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by Jen~
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A letter to breast cancer~contest entry
Dear Breast Cancer,

How can you ravage and rage, simply changing a woman's life in an instant? One moment she is a mother, sister, daughter, friend and the next she is labeled and her life as she knows it is forever changed. The fear, panic, anger and despair that you make these women feel is heart breaking. You strip them of feeling like a woman, you cause them to lose not only their hair but a lot of times their own womanly breast themselves. The chemo, radiation and endless days of wanting to give up as you destroy the inside of her body, is just pure evil. I do not know how something that is so silent is such a powerful force! It amazes me how you, breast cancer, feel as though you have the RIGHT to take away these women's lives and flip them upside down, and sometimes ending them. There will come a day when medical advancements will find a cure and BEAT you! You will not continue your reign of terror once the cure is found! You will be beaten then!

But till then, how can you ever feel like what you are doing is okay in any way? Breast cancer, lung cancer, ANY cancer, acts like a HUGE bully and beats the body down and it is not fair! We are strong and we will fight and we will NEVER give up. Never give up our hopes, our dream, we will not live in fear of you any longer. We will as women, promise to stay proactive and up to date on our breast exams so we can detect you as early as possible so that we can stop you! We promise to keep up on our health and not to let ourselves ever allow you to sneak into our lives!

Women everywhere have to remember that you, nasty breast cancer, are not going to control us! We may get caught by you, but cancer will never rule us, we will beat it and never stop fighting for a cure!

Look out breast cancer cause we are coming strong, a force field of strong willed women who refuse you let you win!!


Cancer Hater
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