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A bawl from the batty, is a poem that talk on how knowledge had kept man restless.
We’ve toiled the streets
We saw, we find as much
Yet we’re as much disguised
Like the chameleons;
Our reels different from our rears
Our mind and acts apart separated
Hypnotized hypocrites
Drunk of knowledge
Yet more primitive than lambs
Clawed in fear
sloughed in wisdom
Colored in superstition
We’re conk and deeper led
Not to mention,
The protest against superstition
And the contrary lost of;
Superstition to superstitions
Not to mention,
The protest against evil
And the contrary strive of;
Evil upon evil over good
Not to mention,
The protest against polygamy
And the contrary strives of;
Gays and lesbians in tones
We’re intoxicated by knowledge
And knowing too much;
Yet not knowing what is good
We’re punished by beliefs
And believing too much;
Without believing tradition of truths,
Morals, ethics and servitude
What else?
We’re lost and confused,
Like defeated armies of the gods
Where shall we go?
There! To the knowledge;
There! To its very claws
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