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A very important impact upon all the aspects within our lives.

In all aspects of your life there is choice,
lurking inside your mind like a voice.
Some that are bad which lead you astray,
bring you down at the end of the day.
Those that are good which make your life great,
toward these choices, should gravitate.
Let's not forget that they both are key,
without them there could be only misery.
The bad ones teach while the good ones show,
without these lessons we would never know.
All have some kind of magic effect.
They can make you smile or feel regret.
It's something for you, and you alone.
The seeds of your life need to be sown.
When death comes it's somehow taken away.
When you cannot breathe, how do you say;
"Do I go to the darkness or into the light?"
You will just have to do what feels right.
How do you know it stops when you're gone?
No one is coming back from beyond.
So win or lose it's up to you,
it all depends on what you choose.
The fact remains that the choice is yours,
for the rest of your days and forever more.
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