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by Yarrow
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A mourning poem
Lament at a Graveside

Charlie lies within his grave,
He was only twenty-three.
He's been dead for thirty days,
Now he'll never marry me.

Every day I come and cry,
Salty tears for my lost love.
Down below the earth he lies,
While I sit weeping up above.

Every day I hear him moan
"Please let me lie in peace.
Your sobbing wracks my aching bones
And keeps me from my graven sleep."

One more kiss, my lonesome love,
Just one more kiss for me.
If I can kiss your lips again
Then I will set you free.

"My lips are cold and poisonous,
My kiss will bring you death.
My touch, which you so greatly crave,
Will steal your mortal breath."

If I can't kiss you, Charlie dear,
Then by your grave I'll sit and weep.
My broken sobs are all you'll hear
Until I join your earthen sleep.

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