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Rated: E · Prose · Religious · #2064088
Strong rhetoric for today's times
So it came to pass in the days when the bull and the bear sat watch on that wall that the wickedness of men had increased tenfold from what it was before the great rains washed out all except that faithful servant of the Lord, Noah. Chief amongst the wicked were those whom falsified the Lord's name: these sinners made up the congregation of Westboro, who blasphemed against the love of God, as was said “All day long they distort my words; All their thoughts are against me for evil.”
The Lord looked down upon and them and wept, for their words turned many away from him, and made a mockery of his commandments. Their ways were like deep darkness, and they did not see over what they stumbled. They acted religious while rejecting that one true power which could raise them to Godliness! Love!
Love, deep and strong as a river, a love for each and every person, a love which could cover a multitude of sins! They had not this love, but chose to reject it in favor of their hatred, and within such a hatred, there was only misery. They poured out their hate on any and all whom rebuked their ways, and cast their lot with devil, all in the name of the God who created the heavens and earth.
Satan, the fallen one, went to the Lord and boasted, “Look what I have wrought! Confusion, hatred, and despair all in your name! Their hearts were not strong in love and I was able to slip through the cracks and fill it as mortar fills stone. Even now they blaspheme in your name, turning many who hear away from you!”
The Lord God Almighty, blessed is he, responded, “Never have I given up on them, and never shall I. Even now there are those whose love and compassion reaches far beyond the petty hatred that consumes them. If they will open their hearts, then they shall be caught within my nets and shall know salvation as only love can give. For my son willingly walked forward, knowing their hatred, yet loving them all the same, carrying the burden of their hate so that others could know my love. They are lost only if they choose to be. I will never abandon them, it is they who abandon me.”
Laughter came from the evil one as he said, “Many who spread your love do so not in your name, but in the name of virtue, morals, and earthly ideals. Your name is forgotten, except by those who would follow me. Their self-righteousness is my delight, their condemnation of the children born of women glorifies me.”
“I am Love, and where Love exists, there I am also. Those who come together in the name of Love come together in my name, whether they realize it or not. To embrace my Love is to embrace salvation in my name, and it is offered freely to any who choose to dwell within it. Nay, even you, the most loathsome of my creations, are still a jewel in my eyes, and salvation extends to you, though you have never accepted it.'
“For even now, you walk freely amongst my halls, even though I could call an army of angels to drag you into the depths of oblivion for all times. I could have your memory wiped from existence, recalled from all of time, yet I give you choice instead. Your choice to scorn me and hate me is yours alone – I will never take it from you. You choose to turn as many away from me as possible, yet I have never removed your ability to choose. Because, oh lonesome one, I love even you, and it is this love which made the universe burst into bloom, the stars to gather dust and form the planets, the fish to rise up from the sea and breath in the air of life. I could do all this in an instant, or in an eternity, for I am the Lord God, and with my spark I set the universe in motion. For I see all things simultaneously, and trillions of years is to me the blink of an eye.”
And with this, Satan, the evil one, walked away, unable to face his own shame before the Maker.
So it was that God decided to send a sign unto those who embraced Love, to bolster their courage, and to give them hope. And when the sign came to them, a true light in the darkness of sin, many wept and rejoiced, for they had felt the crush of defeat and their hearts had nearly turned to steel, but this gave them the strength to continue onward.
The children of Westboro, though, rebuked the sign and continued to spout out hatred and nonsense, and their lives were full of misery, and they gnashed their teeth and cried out as though they had been burned by fire.
© Copyright 2015 J. L. McKelvey (jlmckelvey91 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2064088