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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2064125
short story about a girl that can talk to her pet they have an special bond.
I am surrounded by darkness my face is wet and my head is aching, my mind feels naked and empty. I squint to find some familiar shape but there is only black, my stomach twists with fear. I feel around the ground and loose earth fills my hands. Where am I ? How did i get here ? I hear a short sharp bark in the distance,I have never heard Tinny bark and yet I know it is him. My stomach uncoils at the sound and a sense of safety wash over me I call out to Tinny but I do not hear him padding towards me, I call again but still nothing. I attempt to stand on shaky legs and whistle into the darkness, a sharp pain pierces through my left eye knocking me back to the ground. Cradling my head curled on the ground I wait for the pain to subside. As the sharp pain fades it is replaced with a warm wetness on my face. His rough tongue scrapes at my cheek, I reach out to pat him on the head and find his fur matted with what feels like mud. I find the strength to lift myself to my feet and with Tinny by my side we walk in to the darkness together. I reach in front of me and to my sides feeling nothing, am I blind? I hear only the soft padding of Tinny's paws.

A memory floats up, we were in daylight earlier running, running through the trees dodging boulders and mud pits. My chest was heaving with the effort, my legs were burning as though I had never run before I remember a flash and remember nothing else.

The silence of where we are is closing in around me grabbing at my throat to choke the words away suffocating my thoughts keeping them from bubbling to the surface. It smells damp and moldy as though no one has been here for many years. Following Tinny blindly for what seems like hours I see a sliver of light in the distance, a way out. As we walk further fresh air creeps in caressing my face and filling my nostrils ridding the smell of damp. I can see Tinny’s outline now, he looks towards me to ensure I am following him. The walls appear as we move closer to the light they are slick with water, I reach out to feel them and grit comes away, we must be in some sort of cave. The light is blinding now so bright I can't see what is beyond. The ground beneath us is getting softer and softer and my feet start to sink. Tinny’s paws slap and suck through the mud. We walk on and start to sink deeper and deeper until the mud comes up to my knees. We are almost upon the light when I start to get dragged down into the earth.

I look over at Tinny and call to him for help but hear nothing in return, a searing heat drives through my mind and out through my eyes as I am sucked into the earth. I thrash around trying to lift myself out searching for Tinny but he is gone and I am being sucked deeper and deeper into the earth. I gasp for breath trying to fill my lungs with air before I am completely under. Terror runs through my veins like ice, my lungs are burning but I cant open my mouth to breathe, my nostrils are filling with mud, my eyes are clenched shut then I am falling.

“Ari, Ari Noor” I hear a voice calling my name it is faint but getting louder. “Ari Noor float down, Tinny is waiting for you” calls the voice
“ Who are you?” I question the voice as I fall. “ Why are you calling me and not Tinny?”
“Be calm Ari Noor all will be explained if you float down to the light”

I look down at the enormous ball of light, it is bright white and a scorching heat envelops me. I see a rainbow of colors swinging from the white hot ball like dancing ribbons. Reaching for me a ribbon of blue light licks the heel of my foot and I start to float. I take a deep breath and I can feel my body starting to drift down slowly. Red ribbons of light circle up my arms winding around helping to pull me towards the giant ball of light.

“Relax Ari you are safe let the light guide you. We have been searching a long time for you Ari Noor”

I can see Tinny now black as night with cool eyes the color of steel. No longer covered in mud looking at me with his quizzical eyes his ears pricked up towards me waiting patiently as I make my decent. I look down at my hands I realise I am clean, and wearing a long flowing black dress . My mind starts to race again millions of questions rush to the surface of my mind but are halted there as if blocked by some kind of wall or barrier. I feel the aching in my mind again.
I can see black shapes against the white ball of light next to Tinny. They are unfamiliar shapes neither human nor animal. they seem to be almost fluid in nature with no bones containing them or their movements. I try to seek out a face or feature but find my vision blurred. All I can see are three dark moving shapes.

“Welcome Ari Noor” the shapes cooed
“Who are you? Where am I?” demanding in a tone that betrayed my attempt at confidence.
“You are Below the Beyond Ari Noor and we are the shadows that keep the light dancing”
Tinny bounded towards me jumped up to my waist wanting a pat on the head, I did so and he settled laying at my feet, with Tinny close to me I felt my fear ebb and my confidence and strength growing.

The shadows continued to talk “We have little time Ari Noor we did not want to bring you but Tinny insisted. Those that wish you harm have hurt your mind which is why you cannot hear Tinny, and we can repair it.”
" Who caused me harm how do you know I cannot hear Tinny? What is happening?”
The questions came tumbling from my mouth as I watched ribbons of light dance towards me and circle around my head, I could feel them in my mind pushing at the barrier.
“ We cannot tell you more you are not ready but you must repair and return to the surface”
The shadows started to waver and fade as the ribbons of light came away from my head, one by one they returned to the ball of light
“Ari Noor you must come back to the surface now” Tinny urged
“ Tinny what is happening?”
“ I will protect you Ari Noor but you must follow my voice now, hold on to me and you will be safe”
I circled my arms around Tinny’s big neck and we rose drifting up away from the ball of light.
The shadows were gone and I could only see a speck of light. We moved quickly through this strange place.
“ Are you tired Ari? All of a sudden I felt exhausted as though I had not slept for a week.
“Close your eyes and rest Ari we have a long journey to make, sleep now “
I nuzzled into Tinny's fur and closed my eyes.
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