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We've all at some stage been left for another person. This was how I felt.
Oh how my heart yearns for your warm smile, the way your teeth perfectly line up while your dimple shines out. Oh how it yearns for your beautiful blue eyes and how your eyelashes fall over them. How I yearn for your strong arms, one scarred, one plain to just wrap around me and hold me securely close. Like you never want anything to steal me from you. Oh just how my heart yearns for you.

Oh how my head wishes there was more time with you. To be able to do all that the heart yearns for. Oh how my head wishes promises meant something to you. So that maybe, just maybe we could of had a chance. How I wish you wanted me the way I want you, here, beside me for us to spend some time just so I can hear you laugh. Oh just how my head even wishes for you.

But no matter how much the heart yearns or how hard the head wishes, you broke both. My smile, my eyes, my small arms, they weren't enough for you. My promises, my time, my company and my laugh, were of no use to you. But no matter how perfect you were to me someone else was shinning in your eyes.
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