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by Noni
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Why is it so much easier to preach than to practice?
When we go through hurt or pain, There is an adrenaline rush we go through that keeps us in an illusion not letting us accept the situation.

I wrote 2 days back that's it's important to be in synch with your feeling and I wasn't doing it myself. My adrenaline wasn't giving me permission to stop and think what has happened. I was hurt I was sad I was upset. But I didn't know. I continued wearing the mask on my face pretending to carry on with usual life. Until... My aches and pains started and my body gave up on stubborn me!

I did research on aches and pains a while ago. There is a picture available on Internet that helped me understand that what "emotion" causes what body part to ache. For example anger mostly resides in shoulders. Don't quote me on this as I don't have that article in front of me as I write this. I am not a doctor. If you continue to live in aches and pains everyday this should be your priority.

We live in toxic relationships and continue to survive. If these toxic people are adults they are transferring negative energy to us constantly that resides in our shoulders, arms, fingers and other body parts. Hurt and pain resides in upper back I think - that is my case. How can we remove ourselves from such people how do we distance ourselves how do we create boundaries? That is up to you! It's your journey and you have to figure it out.

I need to figure out a way to travel through another day of this week! I just don't know how. At this point I usually turn towards "God" to give me a direction, show me a path on which I can actually walk.
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