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A look at fairness.

There are times I still shun you

With a cold face, just a front

Though you request my help,

I am met with

A calloused wink, rough resentment,

Meet rusted taste, just a front

Salt degrades it swift and sound

Left helpless to fight against the vow.

Left bear, my thoughts bled, left alone, misled

My heart beats, one, two, red, and blue

Forget it, I can’t keep track, with every skip

And every color that slips through my fingertips,

I am reminded that I alone lost my grip.

I still wish he would show up

Before I give up hope, and notice old burns

They threaten my will to hold on tight,

the rope will slip, they make certain.

What a wasted investment,

chips to purchase a concept,

it never showed up,

farewell my friend Justice,

you forgot to visit me for the last time,

good riddance to that lie.

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