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My little rambling on this thing called life.
We all want a unique love life. You know the kind where, you meet someone and their eyes literally shine a new universe outta them. The kind of universe that just feels like home. That's what I feel true love is about, not the prettiest face or the smallest waist or even the curviest waist, just looking at someone and feeling like home. Except too many people have become obsessed with who has the hotter boyfriend or girlfriend or who has the better boyfriend or girlfriend. It's all a compilation these days. The youth of today, they just don't care. And when we've found our safe person, the one where they feel like home we can't do anything about it because they either give up, never try or they just leave you hanging never giving you any excuse as to why. And if the heartbreak alone isn't enough the idea of them just leaving with no excuse it makes you feel "What did I do wrong" or where have you gone wrong. This eats away at you leaving you too insecure to even think about another relationship, too insecure to even think about opening up to another person so they can find out everything and make you feel as though they care when suddenly they drop you quicker than when Eminem dropped 'Rap God'.
But why let these people in? Why let them play with your confidence like that? Because maybe we believe that one day that frog we kiss will turn into our prince. However, I don't want a happy ever after. I want Ride or Die. You have my back, I'll have yours. I am not one persons priority. Nobody thinks of me when asked "who's your favourite person" they all pick their favourites and I'm just the candle that's there. The candle that's there for people to light every time their in the dark, until I'm left burnt out and a useless pile of wax on a stick. When I need to be picked up and made back into something beautiful, no one likes taking wax off of a candle stick, it's a pain and nobody's favourite job.
Although, there are a few people who will be there to make sure the candle burns bright again. But these people aren't always there and the candles soon burnt out again. But does this show that even the light needs a break now and then. That it's okay to be left in the dark to battle with your thoughts no matter how scary they are. Like the sun, along with the moon who also has to take a break. But in the end the moon and sun always have each other's backs. And now and then they both create something spectacular together. Is life about taking breaks and being in the dark as long as you can shine bright the next day? As long as you can rise up and find someone who will shine bright for you while you're in the dark and visa-versa. The people around us, like stars almost. When they drop us they're gone. Is that them, falling out of the sky which is the Suns life?
We, like the sun are surrounded by billions of brightly shining things, or people as I like to call them, and when these stars fall or these people leave although we feel in the dark, to someone we shine beautifully. Just like the sun.
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