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Brandime had another bad dream. Like all the others this one involved a rose and lace.

The Word Count, including this line, is 297.

The Night Terror

     Brandime woke up screaming. A few seconds later her parents came running into her Sleeping Quarters. “Did you have another bad dream?” Her mother, Oppa, cradled Brandime in her arms.

     “It wasn’t another…” Brandime didn’t finish. She started crying. “It was another Night Terror.”

     “Was it the same one as the others?” Brandime just shook her head ‘yes.’

     “You want to tell us about it this time. It would help if you did.” Oppa cradled her even tighter.

     Brandime was reluctant to do it. And she refused to do it for a long time. But she finally gave in: “It all started when he gave me a beautiful white rose on our first date.”

     After relaxing a little Brandime continued. “The date went just fine. It was after he took me home that night that it happened. I fixed us a drink. While we were talking about our next date I didn’t notice he laced my drink with poison. The next morning, I woke up dead.” Brandime had a lot of trouble saying all that.

     “That does sound pretty bad.” Her father, Jaisin, was staring out the window. “But you are eleven-years-old. And you can’t even start dating until you are twenty-five.”

     “How do you feel now? Did telling us about it help?” Oppa was no longer cradling Brandime. She was making her comfortable in her Sleeper.

     “I think I do mother.” Brandime was still reluctant to fall back asleep.

     “Do you want us to stay with you until you fall asleep?” Jaisin was looking at her when he said that.


     Brandime finally fell asleep. And she didn’t have that Night Terror again. In fact, she never had it ever again.

The End?

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