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by DJ
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Winter is here...the snow has glued itself to our grass, fearful of the mighty sunrays!
I woke up in darkness today. It was a reminder that winter has moved in for the next few months. She's always difficult to live with at first, but soon her icy hands and frigid whispers are motivating me to get up and live. Somehow this feeling is always welcome, even today. Maybe I fear losing touch with nature and her hypnotic transitions. Or maybe I just enjoy the darkness...

My 3 year old labrador mix reminds me it is time to wake up with the warmth of her tongue. I pull her close for a moment, hoping to gain energy through osmosis. However, this early morning logic fails and I eventually I find my feet touching the ground and my subconscious reflecting on a painful year. Time seems to have slept in today as well. I must have sat there for years contemplating the hours of hard work that did not pay off. Empathy and awareness argue, I observe as the ego deflates before the self. I now believe it is possible that I may just enjoy the darkness...

My lovely wife opens the door to realize I am awake. She appears to be glowing. For a moment, her angelic outline fills me up and I'm pretty sure a smirk flashes across my face. She smiles, then gracefully climbs into bed pulling me under the covers with her. Warm lavender and soft flowers rush through my nose and into my heart. In this moment I am happy, and it no longer feels so dark...

This is only temporary, however, as I realize that she was only glowing because the artificial light is spilling in from our bathroom. I hear the fan running and the cars driving by. Awareness floods my consciousness and reminds me that I do in fact have a daily ritual. Water, coffee, walk the dog, watch the news, wake the fuck up--live! A warm sigh escapes my lips only to be met by bitter cold as I inhale.

I gently cough and watch the darkness leave along with my breath...now I am ready to start my day!
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