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Women getting her hair cut, learns more about life than she expected 982 Words
“Hi Dolores, you were right, between my sister, mother and co-workers everyone wants my hair cut short. It is getting hard to clean and sitting on your hair hurts.”

“Josie, I have been waiting for you to say this for so long, are we coloring it too?”

“Sure why not, I should be rid of these whites, making me to old.”

“OK, give me a few minutes to mix up the color.”

While I was waiting for Dolores I saw a women come into the salon. I remember about two or three years ago when she was in here all excited and glowing with a swollen belly and the upcoming birth of her first child. I had to take a careful second glance, but this was not the same women. The dark circles under her eyes and the lost look from her pupils made me feel uncomfortable. Our eyes met and I looked away in embarrassment.

“Josie, come sit over here, my station’s lights are not working. Move your bag onto this counter.”

While Dolores is chatting about the usual things I can’t stop thinking about that woman. I begin to hear a conversation on the cutting station on the opposite side of us that should only be heard behind closed doors.
“So, Jessica tell me how are you getting on with your life. Are things getting any easier? Is Jim still being supportive?

“Allison, I find myself not going into the bedroom as much as I used to. Just once in a while I dust the crib and changing table. I have left the clothes where they are. Jim is trying to be supportive, but he is as baffled as the rest of my family. My mother keeps knitting booties, she has not accepted that the baby is gone. Jim wants me to move on and to think about having more children, but I am scared this will happen again.

“Have the doctors given you any answers what happened to the fetus?”

“I told you right after it happened that the baby was taken from me during the night. I went to sleep pregnant and woke up barren. I still have these vivid dreams of seeing these, I don’t know what they were , but they were standing on the edge of my bed and then I was being lifted off the bed. I must have fallen asleep but when I awoke I was in this very bright, cold room laying on this steel gurney and the beings were standing around me. I saw tools hanging and they had my legs spread and the next thing I saw was my baby coming out. I was screaming LEAVE MY BABY ALONE!”

“Jessica calm down, would you rather I stop cutting your hair and we could go somewhere more private and talk about this?”

“No, Allison, I just need to talk about this to you.”

“OK, calm down I am hear for you. Jessica did these beings say anything to you? Did you ask why?”

“They sent me a telepathic message that this is an open adoption, open abduction.”

“What the hell does that mean, Jessica?”

“They explained that we will have visits from them with my baby, which turned out to be a girl. They want to carry on visits with a typical human family and learn from us to become more adapt at fitting in. Could I have some coffee I am so tired?”

“Sure darling, hold on there and let me get you a fresh cup, I’ll be right back and then you can continue.” said Allison

While Allison ran to the back room to get Jessica a cup of coffee Josie was so deep in listening to Jessica’s conversation that she did not hear Dolores calling her.

“Josie, Josie, are you there I have been talking to you.” said Dolores.

“Shhh, can’t you hear what that woman is saying on the other side?” said Josie.

“I told you, I can’t hear a thing without my hearing aids.” Dolores went back to cutting Josie’s hair and Josie went back to eavesdropping on Jessica’s conversation.

“Here you go sweetheart, watch out it’s hot.”

“Thanks, I haven’t been able to sleep very well lately. I am so anxious about Thanksgiving.” Jessica said.

“Why, how many are you having over?

“My sister and brother with their kids, my mother and father and my in-laws are coming with Uncle Harry. The only guests I am worried about is the two aliens who are coming with my daughter, or humanoid daughter, posing as relatives we have not seen in a while. My whole family has no idea about this except Jim and Jim has not been able to sleep either?”

“Can’t you stop them from coming!” What gives them the right to take your baby and then think they can show up and be a part of your Thanksgiving dinner! Darling I am having trouble listening to this story and cutting your hair. I need to sit down and take this in.”

“That’s fine Allison I just need someone to talk to. I promise to send you a check for this therapy session. I should just come here instead of the bereavement group, you are easier to talk to. At least I get to see my daughter at certain times of the year, when it suits the aliens.” Jessica said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Oh Jessica, go ahead let the tears come this would be a lot to handle for anyone. If you need someone to bring a candied sweet potato laced with poison I’m in.” said Allison jokingly.

On the other side of cutting station’s wall Dolores taps Josie on the shoulder.

“OK Josie, time to wash out the color. Sweetheart, are you feeling alright your white as a ghost?

Josie gets up from the chair and passes out on the floor.

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