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In the foggy morning silence I try to comprehend my emotions and my brother's absence
Within the quiet of this morn
Hums an oxygen tank forlorn;
Deafening is the silence which
Envelops me in timeless bliss.

Resting here in my brother’s chair,
Nestled in a deep brown lair;
I listen for his footfalls now;
But only hear a cat’s meow.

His laughter I no more will hear;
From my eyes drips a silent tear.
Misty vision dulls my sight
And hides from me today’s sunlight.

This loss brings comfort knowing that
His hard journey is over at last.
But for me I fill the void within
By silently drowning in oxygen.

In silence deep I wrestle with my loss,
As denial rules the day.
My heart refuses to grasp just how
My little brother slipped away.


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