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by brom21
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A pleasant morning is met with a perplexing delivery.
I sat at my kitchen table admiring the day. I saw birds chirping on tree branches through my open window. Wind was lightly moving twigs and dark green leaves while I felt it tease my skin. It looked like it was going to be a lovely day off from work.

I think it is a good day for a walk I told myself.

Then the doorbell rang. “Now who could be here so early in the day?” I said to myself.

I answered the door to find a person with a box with a UPS label on it. It was thin young man in a blue mail carrier’s shirt and shorts who smiled. “Good morning Mr. Bennet. I have a package for you,” he said.

“Strange, I don’t remember ordering anything and I can’t imagine who would send me something. There must be some mistake.”

The young man frowned and turned his head then read the delivery name. “Nope, it has Roger Bennet right on top.”

I was perplexed and sighed. “Well, I suppose I should take it and send it back to whoever sent it.”

“Okay then. Sign right here.”

I wrote my name on a sheet stuck to a clip board. The man smiled and nodded. “Have a good day sir,” he said.

I shut the door and took the package to my couch to think things through. “Lets’ see, there is my brother in Texas, but we have not talked nine years. Perhaps, it was mom, she is always thoughtful.” I rubbed my chin. “She likes to gives gifts face to face though. It could be a prank from my cousin Lenny, but this would cost him too much. Let’s see who it is from.”

I read the sender’s name and it said Microsoft. I opened up the box and a flat square circuit board was inside it along with instructions. “Nothing is wrong with my computer. I hope I did not pay for this. Let me see if there is a number I could call.”

I dialed the eight-hundred number and got a recording saying that I had to hold. After fifteen minutes I got an operator. This is Microsoft support how may I help you?

“My name is Roger Bennet and I think I got a product that was accidently shipped to me.”

One moment while I process your information.

A few minutes later she spoke again. It seems that your package was sent to you very late. I apologize for this.

“But my computer is perfectly fine and in need of no repairs or replacement components. Can I send it back?”

That won’t be possible. The order is past the return date.

“But I never received it! Okay,” I said calming myself. “Thank you for your time.”

I sat on my couch and slouched down examining the circuit board. “Well, at least I have a spare for whatever this is for. I’ll check the instructions to see what I forgot about. If I did do it, it must be over six months overdue. I have to think. When did I have computer problems in the last six months; nothing with my computer involves it. Wait a minute; something is coming to mind; something about my friend Ross. A laptop…it had to do with his laptop. I remember! He said his mother board was causing problems and I offered to get the part for him. But then he called saying he had fixed it by looking up his issue on a computer in a library. Maybe I should just give it to him. No way, he’s paying for this.”

I called Ross up and told him the situation.

I’m so sorry. Sure I’ll pay for it.

“That is okay. Its’ squared away. Talk to you later.”

I hung up relived. “Who knows maybe I’ll need this part in the future.” With that, I put on my coat and went for my walk.

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