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Rated: E · Article · Death · #2064655
A contest submission

Hi, My name is Villain. The thing is to be truthfully honest to you I don't really know my real name? I'm a vampire. The people of my village in England, call me a monstrous villain. I'm not really Like that. I patrol the night and yes, there may be death around me, but I got to feed. See because I am a vampire I need to eat. Everyone hates me. I grew up in the village. My great great granddaughter wont even talk to me. She never met her real mother , but she had died long ago. I never die I am 246 and my great grand daughter is only 26. I was 26 when I was bitten. I'm so alone on this earth that I call hell.

why do they hate you?

I have hurt a lot of people. People's loved ones. Sometimes things get out of control and people get hurt.

why do they call you a villain?

Because there is this creeper who they hired to hunt me down. He's threatened me. Tried locking me up. Every-time he catches me he locks me in a basement and leaves me in a room to watch TV all day, I'm alone. He feeds me and gave me my own bath room. Well anyways he's “their Hero” so, they called me their villain. They did it just to make fun of me.

why do you sound depressed?

I'm hiding in the woods, Starving. But I want to protect my village so I escaped from Lord Beautmer.

what do you mean by protect your village?

With my powers I know when a murder, or rape happened. I am family with
most of my village so I can feel the hurt and pain. I feed on the people that submit such crimes. They should call me their hero.

Question 6
can I ask you a question?

Yes you may. I would be delighted!

would you ever hurt me?

Why have you been naughty?....No, in that pause ,we just had, I felt your spirit. Robert you are a sweet man and a fabulous reporter.

word count 365
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