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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2064811
LIght and darkness fight an imparative battle.
He reared, hooves piercing the sky as the clouds and sky shone with a bright luster. Myriads of angelic hosts raged against the dark rulers that dwelled on the Earth. In the wake of the battle he brandished his sword that flashed like lightning. He was Trophimus, one of the commanding Guardians of the Terrestrial Plain. For centuries upon centuries, he and his allies struggled with the evil force from the realm of the Abyss. Now the balance of might seemed to have tipped to the warriors of light. But when victory seemed close, an ancient power rose from the abyss. It was a foe endowed with unspeakable wrath. Now the situation called for a plan to subdue this enemy.

Trophimus called out. “Captain Salus, my troops are struggling to keep the battle front and fight the emerged enemy.”

“Hold your post, more of our forces are on their way,” said Captain Salus as he brought down his sword upon an enemy. He was met with more of the black nebulous forms from the Abyss. “Focus your attack on the ones that are guarding the citadel.”

“Follow me!” Trophimus yelled to his battalion behind him. They stormed to the small army fortified around the castle that was situated on the dividing battle line.

“Flank through the center enemy guard. We will separate them into two groups and then drive them further apart while I make for the enemy commander in the center,” cried Trophimus as his warriors went before him.

In a golden flash of light, the summoned forces appeared. A score of angelic beings on fiery horses treaded on the very clouds. With Salus leading them, they charged at the powerful foe. The vile behemoth had four enormous wings and six arms with a sword in each.

“I will rend the heavens and destroy your very abode. You fight a futile war that will only prolong your struggle,” said the powerful foe.

“The power of light will always overcome darkness! It is you who delays the inevitable!” said Salus.

“Ahh!” with the dark entity’s cry, he blasted through the air at Salus. The righteous captain backed away. He evaded the multiple sword attacks with much endeavoring but he was caught off guard as a sword pierced his stomach. He plummeted down to the earth as he cried in pain.

“Salus!” yelled Trophimus. “No!”

With the captain gone, he realized it was up to him to stop the invasion. The sole objective was to destroy the evil being of great power. But he knew he was not strong enough to do such a task. He had to vanquish it back to the abyss. But how? First he had to lure him to the mouth of the abyss and force him back in.

“I know what to do,” Trophimus said to himself. He ace near the monstrous creature with his six arms and four wings. Then, he turned and fled before him. It followed the Guardian who rode on his horse of fire to the abyss, and then he called to the reinforcements to approach the foe’s back. He stood in the air over the abyss entrance and mocked him.

“Certainly you are an abomination. The very picture of you brings the epitome of dejection and ugliness.”

The shadowy entity roared in anger and lunged at him. Suddenly he stopped as he saw the murky abyss and stopped. But he was unaware of the warriors who charged at him from behind pushing him into the vacuum of the dark prison.

“No!” he shouted. “I will not return to that place of dark void!”

With his last breath, he cursed Trophimus. Then he was gone. And with that last defeat, the rest of the dark warriors fled.

“I will always remember you Salus. You were greatly loved.

The side of good had won the battle but the war would surely continue. But the victory turned the war in their favor for the moment.

Trophimus addressed his warriors. “We have done valiantly. Let us remember the sacrifice of our brother Salus. Let us fight on and as it is prophesied, we will one day win the war!”

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