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by Rick H
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Just a jealousy scene.
         He belonged to her, her mind screamed. Who was that woman in the car anyway? How dare her stop right in front of the house! Brazen hussy! Questions raced through her mind thundering and as powerful as a runaway freight train. Just wait untill I find that little wench she silently seethed.

         “ Hey Hun? We're out of milk. We need anything else from the store?” , the husband called out of the kitchen.

         “You're going to meet her aren't you!” she screamed out as she flew into the kitchen.

         “What? Who? What are you talking about?” He asked.

         “That woman in the car you were flirting with!”, she accused.

         “What are you talking about? I was mowing the lawn. She was lost and from out of town. Just needed to be a block over is all.” he said wide eyed.

         “Oh! So you do know her! She's from out of town! And how do you know Mister?” She spat out at him. “She's probably another one of your Internet Women!”.

         “What are you talking about Sweetheart, you know there's only you.”, he pleaded.

         “Look, we're out of milk, I'm going to the store. You need anything?” he patiently stated.

         “You're going to meet her aren't you? That Hussy, I'll tear her hair out!” She screamed slumping down onto the couch crying.

         “Baby, there is nobody else. Please Babe, try to get a grip on this.” He soothe.

         “Sure what else would you say?” she sobbed.

         Her shoulders heaved in rhythm with her sobs. Her short squat body knotted, her mind now lost in a great abyss of hopeless loneliness. All was consumed by these cancerous thoughts growing uncontrollably within her mind. The dark, ugly, green fingers of doubt and insecurity squeezing to death any light and hope within.

Word Count: 300
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