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by Hubris
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Poetic Prose- Iambic Pentameter

Latent echoes spill from the scepters flame
“I’ll accept the vain, sticking neck to nave”
The etched remains of his life’s clef an clave
Sets the stage, where whispers torment the grave…

Once two ships sealed the letters of wisdom ,
settlers enlisted, trenched with the livid…
“kill the scout and we’ll measure resistance..
prying eyes see what never existed”

“Clerical conscious, forgive those in me…
that loathe an ease, memories chosen creed”
Stolen eves from olden kings, dole the seethe.
Extol the grief, without an ode to read?

Stoic ambition changed the forest plight
astute orifice, mutes the torrents sigh
War in spite, not in vain the scorned will die
A discourse to pride he was born to rise.

Esoteric bereavement. Wandering
ellipsis, persistent to dishonor kings..
Salvations sheen, an image squandering
Fathers killing sons, conceits posturing

“Regal thy first born, disclose the worst war..
In less brevity, fledging a lurch forth.
Burdened, firths’ dour, vestige for a serfs chore,
Migrating dissonance, still the bird soars

Unbridled mistakes, defiled with grace,
where violence is trained, conniving embraced..
Enigmas battle, with crypts of ammo,
Staged, whispers rattle when silence is chained
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