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A contest entry
"Three prompts

Young children may have nightmares!

Tammy stripped and got in the shower. She enjoyed the feeling of the massaging jets on the shower. The hot water penetrated her sore muscles. She was sore from her day's work of carrying gold. She had found gold in a cave on the third moon of Sigma Four, a planet in the Proxima Centari system. She was not sure how the gold had come to be there nor did she care. It had rained that day, a rare event on the planet. A rainbow had formed and ended at the cave entrance. On a whim Tammy had followed it. She had discovered a large cauldron of gold in the cave. She had spent the day securing it. Now she was exhausted and smelled of dirt and sweat. The water was a blessed relief.

Suddenly she realized that the water was not draining. So she decided to end the shower and fix the drain. It was then she saw him. A little man who looked like a leprechaun was standing outside her shower! "Who are you" she screamed. "How did you get in here? Leave or I will call security!"

"Call whomever you wish" the little man answered, "if you can get out of your shower that is. As you can see the water level is rising. I have magically plugged your drain, sealed your shower door, and prevented you from shutting off the water. I'll teach you to steal my gold!"

"I, I didn't steal gold" she lied. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Look" the leprechaun replied, "you can lie all you like. In a little bit the water will kill you and I will take back my gold."

"Okay" Tammy relented. "I found some gold in a cave on my property so that makes it my gold."

"It's my gold" the leprechaun replied. "However I cannot simply take it back. You must give it to me or you must die. If you are dead I am free to take it."

"Please don't kill me" Tammy begged. "I'll return your gold. Just don't kill me!"

"I forgot to mention that once you give me the gold I have to punish you for stealing it. Now that you've given it to me I will punish you."

Later that night Tammy's roommate found Tammy floating in the bathroom. The shower opened and several hundred gallons of water flooded out. Tammy had died behind the glass. The sinister leprechaun had created a killer time warp!
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