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The beauty of a lost soul
She's so fucking dead inside she disguises her reckless behaviour as a free spirit. She says the cruelest coldest things and passes it off as wisdom and truth. She fucks countless men because the body is flesh and was made to feel but no matter how many lovers she has she can't feel LOVE. She's never settled always running from one problem to another like a tornado leaving a wake of destruction behind her and she calls it adventures. No regard for anyone's feelings cause she has to many feelings of her own to notice others. But for a moment when she's with him she gets a glimpse of what it's like to be normal. And it terrifies her. The 9 to 5. The dinner party's and boring conversations about the economy. She's always running and searching for something. Something to fill the void in her soul. Even as a child she was always longing for the missing piece. She says she's free. But she can't see she's stuck to the bottom of someone's heel. Going for a ride on the karmic wheel. People judge her and call her a bitch and a snob. But they don't see her brilliance. The wonderful cracks and flaws. Like an ancient work of art she's a master piece. Drawing people in like a moth to a flame cause they can't help but be fascinated by her lack of regard of the consequences, like a mirage she gives off an image of freedom and fragility. Only the closer you get the further away it seems. She aches to feel. To feel anything. She could look you in the eye and shred you to pieces with her words and feel nothing. Sometimes she wonders what it would be like to run in front of a car. Whether she would feel anything at all. She never walks to close to the side walk for fear she just might give into temptation. She longs to go home and be among the stars. This gravity ways her down and eats away at what little light she has left. She searches for others like her. But their just false light. Leading her straight into the rocks ahead. How much longer must she drag this carcass around this floating rock. No amount of earthly pleasures give her any sense of peace. But still she preaches love to ever lover she encounters. Whispering in there ears how they make her feel like she's home. But a thousand warm hands across her breasts feels like a thousand demons sucking at her soul. Still it's nice to feel the warmth for a moment.
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