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by brom21
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Military · #2065123
In the future, a world government wars against the two last free separate countries.
General Frost choked on the smoke of the battlefield riddled with burning vehicles and collapsed buildings. He suddenly saw a helicopter with a US flag printed on a side as it spiraled to the ground several yards away. The earth below him trembled as the craft hit the ground and exploded, giving off a strong vibration. Gunfire assailed him and he took refuge behind the wrecked chopper.

He spotted enemy troops through binoculars about to charge into the war front set in a low valley. Frost brought out his intercom. “Squadron thirteen, there are soldiers ready to attack from the North. Fall back and secure the front with squadron seven.”

Bullets barraged the meatal barrier as loud tings and clanks pierced the air. He reached for a grenade that would be an easy way out of his pinned position.

“Shoot! -all out! I’ll have to run for it.”

The general peered past the edge of the grounded chopper.

“I’m out manned seven to one!”

Frost loaded his machine gun. The enemy was nearing him. He had few minutes to take action. He sweat profusely and his heart was running like a weary racer.

“There is nothing I can do. It looks like this is it. If I go, I must appoint a new commander.”

The trapped warrior spoke on his intercom. “Colonel Brinks. The enemy has me surrounded and there is no way out. You must take command.”

Brinks responded. “There must be some way out General.”

“I’ve done the calculations and considered all options.“

Brinks paused speaking for a minute before responding. “Yes General.”

Then they broke contact. Frost’s life flashed before his eyes. He cried thinking that he would leave his wife and family. He remembered his two sons as they grew up and good times they all had. His only wish was to speak to them one last moment.

“It is unfortunate that the troops of the newly formed country of Nephaal do not take prisoners,” Frost said. “World War III may very well decimate the Earth.”

He breathed rapidly and just as he was about to make his last dying stand, the guns stopped. With another look he saw a single man in the enemy’s uniform with all the six soldiers on the ground. The man waved to him and approached.

“General Frost, I disguised myself and was able to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks. It looks like I was right on time. I am Private Bell.”

“I’ll see to it that you are promoted. I give my most sincere thanks, Private,” said Frost with a hand on Bell’s shoulder.

“Thank you sir,” Bell said with smile.

The General addressed the soldier and he pointed to a collection of fences, buildings and war vehicles afar off. “Our next target is the central base that lay on the other side of the valley. That is where the head of the enemy is stationed. We take them out and our foes will be leaderless.”

“I have access an enemy chopper. We could transport there undetected.”

“We would be fired upon by our own army,” replied Frost. He was silent for a moment. “I have an idea. Take me to the chopper.”

“Yes sir,” Bell said.

The helicopter was around a building relatively close by. They both entered it and the general spoke into his intercom. “All units refrain from firing upon an enemy helicopter with the ID 87i-90. I have commandeered that craft.”

They steered the chopper into the air and took flight. The violence was seen below. Dying men from both sides was heard.

“General, do you think we are fighting a futile battle? All but we and the Britons have not joined this one world government and country.”

“We must fight. Soon the world will become communistic and oppressive. The rest of this planet is deceived,” spoke the General.

“But how do you know?” inquired Bell.

“The one world ruler will inevitably go mad with power like Hitler. It’s all one big circle.”

Finally they arrived; Frost hid himself so his uniform would not be recognized. At full speed they shot over toward the direction of the compound at the heart of the base. Then a voice came over the radio in Russian language.

“I thought this was the English speaking army division,” the private said.

“Looks like we’ll have to gun it at full speed.”

Turrets fired at them. The rear blades were hit and the two started to plummet.

Frost put the chopper at full thrust. It did not take long for the enemy to see their plan. “Fire all missiles, we should be close to the main compound,” Frost shouted over the loud overhead blades.

“There is a malfunction they will not release!”

“Try again.”

“It still will not fire sir!”

General Frost knew winning this battel would tip the scale of war significantly. Like Bell said, the war may be futile but the US would stand up for liberty even to the death.

He turned to Private Bell. “Our time has come…what is your first name?”


“You know what must be done. It seems it is our fate Roger.”

The private’s eyes widened. Then he took a deep breath and stood erect and saluted his general.

With those last words, they were headed straight for the lookout tower on a collision course.

Ten seconds later an explosion rocked the enemy forces and confusion followed.

With much struggle the US won that single battel against the detachment of troops issued from Nathaal. The two heroes were declared MIA along with a number of other soldiers. And so the US and Great Britain would live to fight another day in the face of the heinous world government. In the years to come, Nephaal would recognize Britain and the US as separate countries and cease to assault them; but for how long?

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