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This is just a piece of one of my old stories that I never finished, don't judge I was 12.
There are three things in my life that I have never done. 1. Had an intimate relationship. 2. Gotten arrested. 3. Had a life changing experience. It's exactly 9:41 a.m. on Thursday, January 4th. I sit in a doctor's office wearing one of those weird robes that show your underwear in the back. I've been having problems with my entire body flow. My mother decided I need a C.A.T. scan. The doctor knocked on the door softly and then opened it at a fast speed. She was wearing a long, white robe with a name tag clipped to the left pocket.
Her hair reddish, auburn hair was held up with a black hair clip. She had a concerned look on her face. That obviously meant something was wrong with me. "Jada I have some horrific news for you and your family," she said. Horrific, I repeated in my head. "Well, get on with it," I retorted sounding a little mean. "You have Leukemia. It's a rigorous blood disease that could kill you. But in your case you will live a very long life. Trust me," she said. I could die. What would happen if I do die? Where will my family end up? What about Josaihas? There were a lot of things running through my head. The doctor, Jen Gillings, escorted herself out of the room so I could change back into my regular clothes. I stared at myself in the mirror. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I repeated in my head over and over. I opened the door to find my mother waiting for me. When she hugged me I saw around her, a man and a woman were clenching each other in tears down the hall. I assumed that they were the parents of a child that passed away. Seeing as how I could every word the doctor said. "Let's get you home," my mother said. "No. I want to go to school," I replied. "I don't think..., "she started but I interrupted her," Mom, Leukemia or not I am going to school. I have a license and I am not afraid to use it." "Okay," she said. She gave me that facial expression that said," I'm driving you though."
I flicked my eyebrows to say let's get going. I was already missing AP English and Math. I didn't want to miss History though. Mr. Mullins was my favorite teacher. He just seemed to, you know, get me. We pulled up into the high school parking lot at 9:58 a.m. I got up and tried running through the halls. But I got really lightheaded. Lucas Damermahnn was walking by. I suddenly tripped and hit my head on the hard floor sliding towards Logan. His knees hit the ground and he cradled my head and I caught I glimpse of blood on his hands before I passed out.
I woke up seconds later seeing a gigantic crowd of people surrounding me. I had no idea who they were or why they were watching me. Someone even had a camera recording. Lucas was still holding my head in his lap. I tried sitting up and ultimately failed. My nose and right eye hurt badly. "Lucas, help me stand up," I said softly. He held both my hands with both his hands and I was able to stand. "What in blazes is going on down here?" yelled Mr. Mullins. "She fell sir," Lucas said," Took a blow to the head I caught her before it got worse." "Good job Dames," Mr. Mullins said," You alright kid?" I nodded. My best friend Delilah pushed her way through the crowd and walked me to the girl's bathroom.
"You took a damn hard fall, Jades," she said. "What the hell is wrong with you? You never fall, let alone trip," she talked more," Jades you better not be falling for Lucas he's bad news and you can't--""I have Leukemia!" I shouted, interrupting her.
She had a blank expression on her face like someone just poked her in between her eyes. "What?" she said. "That's why I missed some classes today. I got a C.A.T. scan and they found it in my bloodline and several other organs in my body," I told her. We continued on planning hang out days and talking about me. It was an hour and a half before Ms. Jensen had to come see if we were alright. We had to break the news to her as well. I had to tell two other people. My principal and Mr. Mullins.
Ms. Jensen took us to Mr. Lyon's office where we told him and Mullins the news. "We will do whatever we can to help," Lyon said. Mr. Mullins only nodded, sending me very mixed signals. I knew this was going to be rough because now I can't even play volleyball or do track. I hated with the uttermost hatred anyone could ever withhold inside of them. It was obviously obliterating my life piece after piece.
Crushing my dreams before I even had them was the worst feeling in the world. I just hope Lucas is okay. He has to go around school with my stench and awkwardness on his warm, soft hands for the rest of the school day. Greek mythology class was so boring I think I fell asleep during Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. But only for like two seconds. The bell rang and that's what woke me up. I walked to my locker being sure to go at a reasonable pace. I opened it only to find a folded piece of notebook paper that said:
Dear Jada Lynae,
You don't know who I am, but I know who you are. You were diagnosed with Leukemia today. I assure you Leukemia is not what you have. Later on after you got to school you tripped over yourself. There are so many things I know about you. I think I might know you better than you know you. Your mother's name is Stephanie Roberts born March 7th, 1972. Your father's name is Kaleb Roberts born October 19th, 1973. Don't even try to call the police or turn me in. Because I will find you and I will kill you. Slowly and painfully just like your friend Bella Myers.                                                                      Until Tomorrow,
                                                           Your Deadly Deliverer
I looked over my shoulder to my left and to my right to make sure nobody saw me reading this. I thought about Bella Lebowitz. She was my other best friend. Only two other people, not including myself, in this entire school know what happened to her. Everyone else thinks she moved to Ohio. She was murdered by some dude who was never found. The police eventually gave up the search after two and a half years. I knew I didn't have time to cry so I grabbed my gym shoes and went to gym class. "Coach Aberlyns? Can I talk to you for a second?" I asked kind of loudly in her office. "Look, cupcake if you're trying to get out of gym," she started.
But I finished with," No ma'am I have to get out of gym. I was diagnosed with Leukemia this morning and blood flow at a fast pace causes me to faint or fall." "Oh dear Lord kid! I'm so sorry. I know you're a big time volleyball player I hope you can find something to do that's worth your while," she said standing up and grabbing her attendance clipboard. "I've got you covered, darlin'," she finished. She jogged out to the group of students and shouted," Sprint to the bleachers and back cupcakes and I better see some effort!!" I laughed to myself and took the back way out to the hallway. I had an entire 56 minutes to do whatever I wanted without getting in trouble; hell to the yeah.
I decided to go to the video game store and mess around with 5 Nights at Freddy's. I got bored and walked back to the school just in time for the last period of the day; Science. Ms. Shosner was my second favorite teacher she always gave us easy tests and she knew when to not call on me. I loved her like a second mother. When I passed my locker I thought about that note. Who could've written that? Who would know all that stuff? Could it be Delilah? Or Bella? Whoa no not Isabella she's, um, dead.
I would have to worry about it later. It was the last 47 minutes of school and I had to stay focused on my test preparation. It's this big test over the science curriculum that we've learned over the last four years. It sounds really difficult but I know it's not. Josaihas told me that it was really quite easy actually. I was so relieved that I remembered that just now. I walked through and saw that Delilah had saved me a seat; way in the back.
She probably wanted to talk more. But I went back to reality and noticed everyone was watching me. I mean EVERYONE; Ms. Shosner, everyone in the first three rows. And then there was Delilah in the back already starting on her homework. I loved her like the sister I never had. I walked back to her table and sat down. 44 minutes later, I looked up at the clock; 3:42. I finally made it through the day. The bus ride home was brutal but brief.
I get off at the first stop; West Charles Street and the bus continues on through Maitland and Aspen; making four stops before going to the high school and middle school. Mom was obviously gone and dad was at work, so I had the whole house to myself until Josaihas got done with wrestling practice. Which was about any minute. Josaihas is my older brother; by three years, two days and four months. I was born November 21st, 2000; he was on February 23rd, 1997. That made him a junior and me a freshman. He was held back a year. It was always amusing to me. I clicked on the T.V. and started watching whatever was on because I didn't feel like changing the channel. It was about thirty seconds after I turned off the T.V. that Josaihas, Mom and Dad walked through the door. "Hey," I said.
Josaihas silent what-upped, mom smiled and gave me a hug and dad said nothing as he walked upstairs to wash up. "What sounds good for dinner?" Mom asked. "I don't know. I'm not very hungry," I replied. "The doctor said you should stop by tomorrow after school and get your chemotherapy going. Which means that you can drive yourself to school tomorrow. Just be careful alright?" she asked. I nodded and went upstairs to my room.
The trip up was exhausting but I made it. I took a shower and went to bed only to wake up on the floor with a pillow on my face. "Leukemia sucks," I said. I followed my usual morning routine starting with my outfit; after that, hair, teeth, shoes, car keys, backpack, wallet and phone. Driving down the road I passed a red car, a black dodge truck and a school bus before getting off of the interstate. The school parking lot was almost empty except for three cars. I pulled up next an old, blue Camaro.
The school hallway was dimly lighted and very cold. My locker was giving me a hard time so I kicked in hope of it opening. It opened, thankfully and I found another note this time with a small present inside.
Hello Again My Sweet,
How are you today? I hope you're enjoying your freezing morning. That coffee in your hand must be warm. I have a gift for you which I know sounds different considering our first time meeting each other yesterday. It's a ring. Wearing it will definitely help you understand why I want you to have it. It will show me that you want to keep your life for as long as you have it. Bella didn't wear this ring. But you know the ending to that story. Please fear me as much as you can, because you're in for a surprise.                                                            Sincerely,
                                                 Your Deadly Deliverer
The note obviously scared the shit out of me, so I put on the ring hoping it would save my life. I wondered at why he kept mentioning Bella. Maybe she isn't dead. She's just, um, not dead? I didn't have any time to think about because I was about to be late for class. Delilah asked me about my ring. "It's a gift from my grandma. She lives in Spain."
"That's why it took so long to get here," I lied. Delilah oddly accepted, nodding her head slowly and softly. I had to look more into Bella's case and what happened; I have to know how to stop this person from taunting me with deadly things like Bella and my parent's birthdays. After Math I went to my car and drove to the police station saying that I had to go get my chemotherapy which I also had to do. I parked a block away so I didn't have to walk too far. The inside of the station smelled like someone drank alcohol and vomited it back up. The lady sitting at the office had on a white polka-dot blouse and a long, black skirt.
Her long, blonde hair was tucked away in an army-man bun. "Excuse me, I was wondering if I could speak to Officer Reynolds?" I asked a little softly. "Sure kid, he's at his desk," she replied. I smiled a soft thanks. Officer Reynolds was a tall, thin man with dark hair. He was really nice to me about Bella's murder but I had to know what really happened. "Officer Reynolds?" I asked. "Yeah, that's me," he retorted with a mouth full of Subway sandwich.
"I'm Isabella Myers' friend; the girl who was murdered at 107 Kingsman Drive," I quoted from the obituary in the school paper. "Ah yes, Ms. Myers' friend. That was a sad story," he replied. "Yes, very. I was wondering if you could show me her file and the report on her death finding. It's really important that I do," I said. "Well sure, doesn't hurt to be concerned now does it?" he asked rhetorically.
I nodded and followed him to a storage room where shelves were lined with boxes starting in alphabetical order. I read them as we passed them; Ammerman, Logan D., Beringer, Jack L., Carson, Willow B. and so on. We finally made it to L and M; Louis, Alexis R., McElroy, Lexi M., Myers, Isabella E. Her middle name was Emma after her grandmother. She always complained about it. I miss that, a lot. "Here you are kid. Let me know what you find," he smiled and walked out. I grabbed the box from the shelf and found myself a spot on the floor to sit.
The box was made of hard cardboard and had a lot of stuff inside. Her clothes, her phone, her shoes and her bracelet. I had the same one. We made them for each other in art class when we were in 3rd grade. I pulled out a file that had the description of her body wounds. I opened that and was surprised to find only one page with about 3 paragraphs.
Name: Isabella Emma Myers
Age: 15
DOB: May 27th, 2000
DOD: September 9th, 2015
TOD: Approximately 3:43 a.m.
Multiple stab wounds in the chest and arms. One single 4 inch long slit across left breast. Multiple bruising and physical contact between victim and killer. Victim was put in hospital immediately and used Bradycardia to continue on. Later placed in home. The girl never died, Jada she's still alive.
"Oh my GOD! She's still alive!" I shouted; obviously a little too loud because Officer Reynolds came crashing in with his gun in hand. "Everything alright in here?" he shouted. "Yeah, I'm sorry I just spazzed out for second." I held out the paper to show him; he obviously didn't see what it was that I was freaking out about. "Last three sentences," I directed. "Victim could not be saved. She suffered and choked with strong lung power. The poor girl died and her last words were, "Jada I'm sorry." I was shocked to see different words than I saw before. "What?" I asked.
"It was there it was right there!" I shouted. Officer Reynolds just looked at me. I dropped my head and looked down at the paper. It still said the same thing. "Would you mind if I take this home? Just to get a better look at things," I asked mumbling in a low tone. "Well sure, I guess I don't hurt now does it?" he asked. I shook my head lightly and put the lid back on the box with the mystery file inside. I drove to the hospital and found nobody at the desk; I walked to Doctor Gillings' office and find her reading an x-ray sheet.
"Oh! Dear Lord kid, you scared me!" she yelled. "I need my chemo fast. I'm missing an extra important class of reviewing for a test,'' I said quickly. Doctor Gillings grabbed a bag of caramel colored liquid and injected a needle into my right arm. She opened the door motioning for me to go out. I had to squeeze the juice into my arm as I walked out to my car. It felt like someone put ice cream into my bloodline it was so cold.
As soon as I got to school the bag was 2/3 empty which means I had just enough time to switch out my books and do a mirror check before I had to go to class. I squeezed a little harder so that the last of it would come out so I could throw it away. My locker was giving me a hard time again so I had to double kick it for it to open. There was another note! Why does this person keep putting these scary ass notes in my locker?!
I See We Meet Again My Magnificence,
I know that this second note may come as a shock to you, but I still am concerned about that Chemotherapy. It's quite cold isn't it? I couldn't believe it myself until I tried it two and a half years ago after your good friend Bella paid me a lovely visit. Her screams were like music to my ears. Except for when she clawed my arm. Then I had to give her to the heaven manager himself. Anyways, you should soon figure out who I am. You used to be nice before you met Bella.                    Sincerely,
                                                                     Your Deadly Deliverer
I had to think for a minute about how I used to be nice. There was this one guy named Ashton. He always used to hang out at the park with me when we were little kids. He would always challenge me to see if I was strong enough to do more pull-ups then he did on the big red bar. It couldn't be him. He moved away... right after Bella's funeral. Ash could be the guy! I knew immediately where to go tomorrow. The last period of the day once again was Ms. Shosner and her big hair.
She blabbed on and on about Scientific Notation. I paid a very little amount of attention because I aced every quiz on it last year and the year before. I had to think about why that note started seeming like Ashton. We had a great friendship and I guess it just faded. He became busier and busier with his dad's funeral business. Ashton did move but he didn't move very far away. It was about an hour drive on the interstate. The bell finally rang and I tried moving a little fast out to my car. I had to get home and get a look at Bella's stuff. It was driving me crazy ever since I left the station.
I noticed a blue car parked in front of the house that I didn't recognize. I went in through the garage. And took the ladder up to my loft bedroom. Someone was sitting on my bed that I didn't recognize. I ducked down but a little too late. The person turned and caught me before I could get back down. "Get your ass back up here!" she screamed. I climbed up only to find out that Genevieve was holding a gun in my direction. I pulled myself up and put the box down, showing her my hands immediately.
"Gen, what are you doing here?" I asked. "I know you know; about Bella still being alive. And she is, too." "Why are you here?" I asked again. "Bella sent me," he said sarcastically. "I know that's not the answer," I replied. "You need to leave," I said. "I know that," she replied," but not until you show me that file." I bent down to pick up the box and move it to my bed. I removed the lid and pulled out the folder containing the piece of paper. "See?" I asked. "I though it said something different than what it actually says, but it doesn't," I said.
She nodded only slightly and looked a little confused. "It says that she's still alive and she was put on Bradycardia," Gen said. But little did I know that he was going to hurt me after I showed him that file. She grabbed a vase off my dresser and cracked it over my head leaving me on the floor, passed out. I woke up in the same spot I was in before and noticed that the file was gone and so was Gen. I knew she'd pull an ass trick like that. I started thinking about how it could've been her.
Her father even did Bella's funeral. Gen's dad is like one of those funeral parlor guys except he does like everything thing else that goes along with it; coffins, speeches, flower arrangements, seating and anything else that might go with that stuff. I thought she was pretty cool, but knowing that she did what he just did, not so much anymore. I picked myself up and looked inside the box, everything still being there except for the file. I knew I wouldn't last very long looking for Bella without having that file. So I searched her on google. She showed up instantly with pictures of the funeral and of her before she died.
So I searched Bella Myers home. And it popped right up saying she was clear the hell over in California. That's a long ways from South Carolina. But between you and me, lying is my sole specialty in life. Hey mom? I was wondering if you would sign this permission slip for a field trip. We'll be gone for at least a week or more. So I have to be at the bus at six in the morning, I'd tell her. I knew this was going to be easy! But I still have one more thing to worry about; actually missing school.
The test was next Friday so I didn't have to worry about that. I did have a quiz on Monday in English but I aced at the beginning of the year when we took it. So I didn't have to choose between my G.P.A. and Bella after all. Life is good. I still thought about what I would say to Isabella after all these days suffering from her loss. But little did I know what I would say would be the last thing I say. I had no idea what was going to happen if I go to California. I hear the door knock downstairs and go to look through the monitor to see who it is. "It's Lucas," said Lucas's voice. I was about to squeal my face off. I didn't know what to say when I opened the door. So I just opened it. "Hey! I just wanted to check up on you, see how you're doing," he said. I nodded and looked at his hands which still looked red to me. "I'm really fine, Logan and thank you for catching me the other day. I feel really bad for getting blood on your hands," I said. "Oh that? It was nothing. It was like when someone on my cross country team falls on the pavement and scratched up bad. I'm am so used to it," he responded, a little quickly. "That must be horrible," I said suddenly noticing the rain clouds moving in. "Do you want to come inside? I could use someone to talk to that will talk, not ground me for talking about my mom and not tease me because I'm a girl," I asked. "Is that alright?" he asked in return. I nodded saying,'' My parents just left to go see my grandma in Texas. They told me when they were at the airport today during school I guess I kinda forgot about it. Oh, and Jo is at a friend's because my parents can't tell him no this time." He stepped inside my house and asked where my room was. "Upstairs." He nodded and followed his own path towards it. I was a tiny bit confused but, whatever. "So, are you, like, dating anyone?" he asked. I shook my head and picked at my fingernails. "Do you want to date someone, I don't know, say, me maybe?" he asked; I literally wanted to jump so high and squeal as high as any girl could squeal! Lucas Damermahnn just asked me out. But I had to keep my cool. "That sounds great, when should we..." but I was interrupted when he leaned over and started kissing me I felt his hand on the small of my back and on my right hip. I reached around him and felt his strong back muscles moving as he moved. I felt heaven was giving me an all access pass to the feeling. I felt him kissing my neck, I felt his warm hands reach around my waist. Oh, how I wanted it to last forever. But as usual it didn't; he sat himself up and wiped off his face with the sleeve of his jacket. I couldn't believe it just happened. "I guess tomorrow night?" he asked, basically answering his own question. "Pick you up at six," he said after standing up and letting himself out of my room and then my front door. Something was off about how he charged at the minute-long make-out session. It felt like he wanted to, but he was nervous about something. I ended up just forgetting about the whole thing and picking out my outfit, my perfume selection, and my height of shoes. I didn't want to be taller than him because that would be awkward and I did want to be a tad bit shorter because it would be cute that I have to lean up to kiss him. I squealed every time I look at his binder on the floor. "Wait a minute, he left his binder here! That gives me the best thoughtful impression on bringing it to him." I suddenly realized I had an hour long conversation with myself when I hear the slamming of the front door and the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. "Jada?" I hear, not recognizing the voice. "Um, who is it?" I asked sheepishly. I found out as soon as I saw Ashton Warner come through my door. "Jada, we have to go. NOW. I'll explain later but we have leave far away from here, fast!" he quickly shouted. "But-"I started. "Let's go my car is in the ally way outback. We have to get out of here," he shouted slightly louder. I grabbed my wallet my phone and my backpack, stuffing it slap full of clothes. I was about to reach for Logan's binder when I felt myself being pulled out the door. I turned around and sprinted down the stairs out the door and into Ashton's car. I felt so sick I had to roll down the window and hurl up about half my breakfast and a little bit of coffee to moisten the flavor; no pun intended. Ash just bolted around the front of the car and turned it on before he was even sitting down. He put it in drive and slammed the gas petal to the floor. "Okay look," hard right," I know this all seems sudden," red light," but you never had Leukemia or were anywhere near it. And the chemo wasn't actually chemo it was a nausea increaser fluid, which caused you to throw up." "What?" I asked," Why would Dr. Gillings do that? She-she seemed so nice to me at the hospital,'' I said. I opened my wallet to see how much money I had only to find a ton of hundred dollar bills and a folded piece of paper.
Dear Jada Lynae Who Doesn't Seem To Be Dying Anymore,
Your friend Ashton is helping you to escape; so don't worry he isn't me. But I must warn you, the money I gave you is very much valuable; so use it wisely. Don't worry about me, I will still be able to send you your daily dose of horror. And you are probably wondering how I know all of this, I just do. Oh, and don't forget to keep my poetic letters to yourself. NO ONE IS TO KNOW OF ME EXCEPT YOU. I hope you understand where I am coming from. Because you have no idea what you just got yourself into, dear.                                                  Sincerely,
Your Deadly Deliverer
Once again I was sent a scary-ass letter of which I had no idea what to do with. "What's that?'' Ash asked. "Just a note from my mom. She must've thought I was going to the football game tonight, but I'm not," I responded very quietly. Ashton just nodded and took a hard left leading us out of town. "Where are we going?'' I asked. "Somewhere. Just somewhere. I don't exactly remember, so we have to make a few stops." I just turned and looked out the window only to see a red eyed creature running along with us. It was in the tress though so I just assumed it was a mountain lion or something. Shortly after going through a small abandoned town we hit a worn dirt road. "So when exactly are we going to actually be somewhere?" I asked. "Right about now,'' he said. I looked ahead and saw an old rickety fence gate that looked so rotten even flies got sick at the scent. "Go open it," he sort of demanded. "You're kidding me, right? There's no way I am opening that disgusting thing. You're the driver, you open it," I replied. "Yes, I am the driver. I do the driving, dumbass," he retorted sarcastically. I opened the door and stepped not on, but in the biggest pile of cow pie I have ever seen; and felt. I simply ignored it and kept walking. The gate was soft and moist, and basically seconds away from falling apart. I grabbed the post and ripped it off as hard as I could sending it flying 40 maybe 50 feet away. I walked back to the car and put my feet up on the dashboard. "Get your shitty feet off the dash," he said; suddenly not realizing the pun he just cracked. I burst out in laughter and put my right foot down, followed by my left one. I briefly reminded him that he needs to stop being such an ass about things sometimes. He replied in a silent sigh. I looked out the window and saw trees and shrubs of all different sorts; greens and yellows, reds and purples. I wondered what it would be like to live in the woods. I know for certain all of the animals would be my best friends. I'd be the white version of Pocahontas. I would also never marry a guy who took his white boy shits on my land, ever. It's just plain ridiculous. Finally after two stops at gas stations for snacks and bathroom breaks we showed up at this old farm house, it looked horrifying on the outside. I stepped on the first step up to the porch and I felt like I weighed a million pounds. "Get in there, it's not that hard. One step after the other," Ash said. After being inside I realized that this house was the baddest of the bad. A basement that was basically an ammunitions bunker, a kitchen that was like Mc Donald's, Burger King, Arby's and Pizza Hut combined. My room was pretty decent sized. But I didn't care about that, all I cared about was Netflix and pizza. I went down the creak-free stairs and through a hallway to the kitchen. I grabbed the pizza and put it in the oven. I walked into the living room and noticed immediately that there was no television. "Ashton! Are you kidding me right now?!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. Ashton walked in looking at me like I was stupid. "How can you take me on a 19 hour drive to an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and not have a damn television?" I asked extremely fast. "I'm sorry but in case you haven't noticed, your stalker already knows where we are, he could be right outside, I'm just as tired as you and there is only one bed in this entire house!" he shouted back, "So even if you hide in the darkest damn corner of the planet, I can't protect you!" I just ran and hugged him. I felt really bad and I have no idea why, but I just did. It's kind of a thing with me. I feel bad over the weirdest things. Like when my grandma lost her wedding ring, I wanted to buy her a new one but I couldn't. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. It's just that, I've always had this weird feeling that we should be together and I just can't figure it out," Ash said. "It's okay. So what do we do about the bed?" I asked. "We could sleep head to toe?" he askated. I nodded. I started hearing the sound of cows from the storm door. They were fat, fairly interesting things. But they were cool. I sat and watched them until about 8:30 p.m. I went upstairs to the bedroom with the queen size bed in it. Ashton wasn't around, but I knew he was doing something productive. It was about 10:00 when he came in and moved his pillow to the foot of the bed and went to sleep.
I think I was dreaming. I saw faces and animals. They weren't readable. Then I saw an unfamiliar face come out of the shadows and tell me something I will never forget. Then I saw my mom. She was dead and something else was killing dad and heading for Josaihas. I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. Ash grabbed ahold of me and told me that I was okay and that it was just a dream. "Hey, hey. You're okay it was just a dream," he said, repetitiously. I just clawed at his arms and screamed.
I don't know how I fell asleep, but I did. I woke up with Ash's arm around me and his warm body against mine. Then came the knock at the door. "Oh my God! Ash get up! There's someone at the door. I don't know who it is," I said quietly. Ash's eyes shot open and he flew up out of the bed and soared down the stairs. "Yes? Can I help you?" he asked.
The stranger at the door replied softly. Only bits and pieces came out. "You need......there's danger.......you have to go right now.....I will look after the girl," she said. "Nice try, Miranda, but I am not leaving her. I-she is my responsibility. I can't live without knowing she's safe," he replied. "Fine then, watch your poeticism. It's not valuable anymore," she replied. "What did she say?" I asked. "She said that there's danger somewhere, and that I should go help the others. But I knew it was a trick," he replied. "No, no, after that. About the poetry or whatever," I said. "She said watch your poeticism. It's not valuable anymore," he said. That sounded like a line from the note. I ran up the stairs and tore open my bag. The note was gone. I had it right there in my bag, but now it was gone. How did she know about me? "Who was that?" I asked. "A woman I know. She was like my nanny ever since I was five," he replied. "She doesn't look like she likes children very much." I feared what shouldn't have been very scary at all. Someone knew who I was, someone was stalking me and someone was about to be brutally murdered. I felt it in the back of my neck. Like I was about to do something that was awful. Then after about 9 more seconds of silence there was another knock at the door. "Hi! My name is Echoe Stilinski, my boyfriend Sheldon and I live just down the road. We were wondering if you guys could help us," Ash and I stared blankly for a moment too long. "You know I don't think we can," Ashton said. I was already out the door and half way to Echoe's truck. Something about this girl looked familiar. But for now I was just going to ignore my instincts and help someone who needs it. Ash told me that she doesn't look trustworthy. "You know, for once you need to play big brother, okay? Just trust that this will be fun! You'll enjoy it, I promise," I told him. We went down the road about a mile and turned right. Echoe and Sheldon's house was a tad bigger than ours. It had old, worn barn wood for siding and big yellow front porch. They had a lot of cows too! I was pretty happy about that. When we pulled up, Sheldon came out the door looking pretty excited and smiley. Ash reached out to shake and his hand and he got shocked! "Holy matrimony! What was that?" Ash yelled. Sheldon opened his hand to reveal a hand shocker. I giggled a little too loud. "So, I see you guys just moved in. You look pretty young to be living out here all by yourselves. How do you do it?" Sheldon asked. "I'm sorry?" I asked. "Yeah, sure, because I would ask you how you do it. How do you manage to afford that house?" he asked. "We don't." "Well house about that, babe?" Sheldon asked Echoe. Echoe laughed, but not very happily. "Hey Echoe? What is it that you needed help with?" I asked. She motioned for me to follow her into their house. "It's our car. It won't start. And since we saw you drive out to the old McMallan house we thought you might be able to help," she stated. "

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