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by brom21
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2065295
A person awakes into a place from his fantasy but seeks to go home.
Well here I am, stuck in a dreary darkness with ominous black giants with red eyes and insignias of hearts having x’s on them. It was my mistake that I got stranded here. Of course, you probably want the story of how I arrived in this place. It started as a normal evening. It was 7pm and I was obsessed with solving the next puzzle that would get me past the golden door in Traverse Town. After an hour of striving, I decided to call it night. I walked up the tiled steps that led to my room. My two roommates were working but it was my time off. I plummeted onto the soft down blanket over my bed and quickly fell asleep. At that time, it all began.

“Where am I?” I said to myself.

I was in an enclosed town square looking at a fountain. Then a black sphere appeared before me and morphed into a small blue man in midair in a long hat and a wizard’s robe. I immediately recognized the character from Kingdom Hearts. Obviously one would assume it was all a dream after just going to bed. But reality would literally hit me in the face.

“Oh, cool!”

The floating wizard had a small staff that he pointed towards me. A ball of ice came from the tip and I felt the cold sting of the projectile. I went flying back and hit the coarse, stone ground. What followed would make me very confused. I had not yet decided it was all real. I saw a ball of fire come from my peripheral vision that dissolved the being into a black mist. I looked to see where it came from. There was none other than Donald Duck. Beside him were Goofy and a boy with light brown hair holding a long object that resembled a key which he carried over his shoulder.


“How did you get to Traverse Town? And how do you know my name?”

“What in the world is going on?” I thought. This pain I am feeling on my face is very real!

“Hey, answer him,” said Goofy.


What could I say?

“It’s complicated. I do not know how I got here.”

I was still in shock but I decided to let things play out for now.

“I’m Lucas. I think I came from another world.”

Sora approached me. “We travel to many worlds. You should probably come with us to see the wizard Yen Sid in his tower. He may have insight into this situation.”

“He gives me the creeps,” said Goofy with a chill.

“We travel by…”

“Gummy ship. I know.”

The three friends peered at each other perplexed.

“Please, no more questions for now,” I said.

We walked through a door in a wall and there was the gummi ship. It pretty much looked like a giant child’s bath toy. I strapped myself into a chair inside the ship and off we went. It was like flying through space and soon we neared a blue tower and docked next to it. Within the tower was a spiraling staircase.

“How tall is this stairway?” I asked.

“Not long. Ten minutes climb maybe,” said Sora.

At last we came to a door which we walked through. There behind a table piled with books was Yen Sid. He was like the stereotypical wizard; blue robe and pointy hat.

“Lucas, welcome.”

Such a thing did not move me all that much because of the situation.

“You’re probably wondering how you got here. To put it bluntly, it is due to the actions of Maleficent. Her intention was to bring a person who knew all about this realm and its future. In your world, this place is just a dream but it is real here. But she meant for someone who had overcome all the obstacles of the realm of Kingdom Hearts, but she failed.”

“How do I get back?”

“Go to Hallow Bastion. There you will find a door to your world. But you must make haste. Maleficent grows stronger.”

“Then let’s get going,” I said.

“So what is it like in your world,” asked Sora.

“Much more boring for own thing, not that I’d like to stay here. In my realm everyone knows who you are. You three a video game stars.”

“Really!?” exclaimed Donald.

“I also know your two friends Kairi and Riku,” I said to Sora.

“Whoa cool” he replied.

Soon we arrived at Hallow Bastion. It was a bleak place, perfect for an evil sorceress.

Then like before, three beings appeared out of a black sphere. There were lion like creatures with metal faces and yellow eyes. Donald raised his staff and lighting came from the sky dispatching the foes. We stepped onto a brass platform that carried us across a dark precipice onto an open courtyard. And there at the end was the open door with golden light emitting from it. I thought I was home free when that troublesome, powerful woman Maleficent appeared.

“It’s a shame that you do not possess the knowledge I want. You will die along with your three friends.”

Sora sprinted forward to slash at the vile woman. A beam of light from her hand knocked him down. Sora’s Key Blade flew from his grip. At this point, I should have ran or took cover, but the moment overcame me and I did what would be my undoing. I picked up the Key Blade and charged at her. When I was less than ten yards away, she raised her hand and a thick darkness coalesced around me.

“You cannot wield the Key Blade outlander. You should have fled my presence. Now you will join the inhabitance of the heartless.”

“I promise we’ll free you!” cried Sora.

And all that leads to this moment. And although it has been several days, I know Sora will fulfil his promise. So here I wait for my three heroes to free me.

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