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Fortune-Teller Predicts 1985; Scientists Baffled
Researchers announced today that an internationally renowned seer has successfully predicted events of 1985 under strictly controlled conditions. Using a Ride Waite tarot deck manufactured in 1985, Leroi Abathakathi, a prominent New Orleans psychic, has astounded research scientists by accurately predicting events which transpired in 1985.

"I'm amazed at the high degree of reproducibility Mr. Abathakathi has exhibited in these batteries of tests. We're not certain how he does it, but I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that no trickery was involved," said one researcher.

When asked to elaborate on his feat, Mr. Abathakathi remarked, "This tarot deck is apparently calibrated to the year 1985. Being in the entertainment business, I initially asked the cards what the number one song of the year would be. The Cards responded with perfect clarity, throwing the three of Swords inverted followed by the Queen of Cups, also inverted. When I saw the inverted "Lovers" card in the past position, I knew something was odd. Call it a sense of déjà vu, if you will. The "Eight of Cups" in the Environment cinched it, indicating "a time to move on", referring mainly to relationships. This was clearly referring to "What's Love Got to Do With It," by Tina Turner as the number one song of the year. But...this occurred in 1985."

Subsequent testing of the deck disclosed events cloaked in ignominy for three decades, such as introduction and failure of the noxious New Coke and the radio tyranny of "We Are the World". "I could clearly see that the Cards were relating past disasters and it sent shivers down my spine. I'll never look at Cosby having a Coke and a smile in the same way," Leroi remarked.

When asked about the usefulness of having a tarot deck that predicts 30-year-old events, Abathakathi elaborated at length. "Baby-Boomers do a lot of living in the past. People want to know who had crushes on them in college or who really knocked up their girlfriend. Or snitched them out. I can tell them that."

When he is not reading inane fortunes for the public, Mr. Abathakathi is a free-lance programming consultant, prognosticating on the success or failure of TV shows and movies for major networks and studios. He maintains a 92% accuracy rate.

"Ten years ago I predicted that "Life on a Stick" would suck...and it did," Abathakathi bragged, not realizing no one even remembered that brief fiery train wreck of a pilot series. Leroi's biggest prediction in 15 years would have saved a client millions in losses from "Matrix[" related merchandise. "I predicted the conclusion of the [i]Matrix[/i] trilogy would kill the merchandising dead as a doornail...and now they still can't move that crap." Abathakathi declined comment on "Star Wars" merchandise except to say, "Sell now before the reboot."

But there are some skeptics. The Amazing Randi had less than glowing remarks about Abathakathi's ability to predict 1985. "I was able to reproduce Abathakathi feats with nothing more than his own tarot deck, a 1985 Newsweek and a bran muffin." Leroi brushed off the remarks, but concurred that Randi was indeed in need of a bran muffin. "One does not need cards to see that," he said, banging a gong for emphasis.

Under close scrutiny from The Amazing Randi and several independent researchers, Leroi made a set of predictions and allowed Randi to do the same on a common tarot deck According to Abathakathi, the president gets into a political crisis over secret dealings with Iran, while movie box office revenues drop precipitously, sending studio profits down the express elevator to oblivion. And, by the way, Madonna reinvents herself.

"Oooooo...so is he predicting Iran/Contra and the box office slump of 1985? And Madonna? Please, that's not a prediction. He's even vague about things that have already happened. Try this on for size," said Randi gesturing mysteriously. Closing his eyes, Randi promptly predicted the death of a Soviet president Chernenko and the coming of Gorbachev, following up with the LA Lakers over Boston in the NBA Championship, 4-2.

"Easy, Smeazy," Randi said, pulling a rabbit from his beard to the amusement of the arrayed reporters. Calling Abathakathi a charlatan with minimal skills, Randi waved the 1985 Newsweek, calling it, "the source of Abathakathi's power.

"He even had the audacity to predict that my head would soon relocate to a dumpster behind a Missouri Denny's," Randi snickered. "Of course that never happened in 1985, so I said, 'The day that happens, monkeys will fly out of my butt.'"

When asked for comment, Abathakathi smiled enigmatically. "He can kiss my Chakra! He wasn't even really reading the cards or else he'd have known he was reading from a deck calibrated to 2015, not 1985.
So what I was predicting were events from 2015: Obama and the Iranian nuclear deal, the movie "Pan" and....well I admit it. Is Madonna's "Rebel Heart" tour really reinventing herself?

But minimal skills? Just an elementary slight of hand was all it took to substitute a current deck for the one Randi thought was from 1985. He should have been able to feel that. And if I were Randi...I'd steer clear of trying to debunk David Blaine later this week. Just saying." Leroi failed to elaborate further about the famed magician or any connections with the Amazing Randi.

Strangely enough later in the week, the decapitated body of the Amazing Randi was found at a St. Louis Motel 6. Police arrested street magician David Blaine in connection with the incident after Blaine reportedly screamed at the body as it was being taken away, "Is that an illusion, Mr. Know-It-All? Well, is it?"

In a related story, animal control was called out to remove a mysterious infestation of flying monkeys from Randi's motel room. "Well, looks like ole Randi actually got one right," Abathakathi remarked to reporters about the monkeys. Then Police finally located Randi's head...in a dumpster behind a Denny's next door.

"Well, I'd say the discussion regarding my authenticity is pretty much over, eh Randi....wait, what's that you say?" Abathakathi mocked the head as paramedics placed it in a bowling bag for transportation to the medical examiner's office.

Investigators declined to comment about the condition of the head except to say, "It looked really surprised."
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