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Like flying doods?
         After a disappearing spell for my wings, I put my clothes on and went downstairs. My mom was standing at the table pouring orange juice in a small glass cup.
"Finally awake huh Skywalker?" She said, walking to me, while her hands smoothed out her blue jeans. Her blue eyes sparkle, while she stared at me like she knew about the dream. People often said that my mom and I are twins. She then gets so embarrassed, declaring me finally as her son, the shock on their faces is pretty funny. We have the same facial features; but everyone who's met my mom will say her eyes are strikingly bright, like starlight in the night sky.
"Morning mom, what's for breakfast?" I rolled my eyes. Yeah my name is Luke, but Luke Skywalker does not have wings does he?
"Pancake and orange juice." She said with a small laugh, "So, why did Sarah scream at you?"
"She said I can't walk around naked, but I was wearing something. Mom my wings popped out in my dream again.
         She frowned, the creases beside her eyes deepened, "You know your emotions from your dream can affect you physically and if it senses danger, it can break the disappear spell. So it depends on what you were dreaming." She sighed. "ill teach you a better spell when you get home from school, speaking of which you are going to be late. Is your sister downstairs yet?"
         I sat down near the table and ate my pancakes, drank my orange juice. "Can I fly to school mom?" She stood behind the sink, thinking "Ok promise only to school no going anywhere else ok?"
         "YES! Thanks see ya!"
         I ran upstairs to my room, I stuffed my homework into my bag and then climbed out the window onto the roof.
          It was autumn, the wind carries the golden leaves around and blows past me. The temperature was my favorite icy cold. After releasing the spell my wings curled open and stretched out. With a thrust I was in the air.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2065450