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Winifred Parr is a hunter of the supernatural.
Background info.
23 years old.
Has been a hunter since she turned eighteen.
Started hunting because her father was possessed by a demon leading to him killing his wife, and then himself.
Very tall, long brunette hair with dirty blonde tips, and brown eyes.
Sarcastic, joke-ster, low self-esteem.

Chapter 1 Acheri
Winifred was tired and sick of the cigarette smell, but she had to stay. How else would she win her dream car. Someone was smart enough to bet their '68 Pontiac Firebird. She had the perfect hand but no way would she give away her tell.
Not even ten minutes after the cards been dealt Winifred was walking to her new baby with the hugest smirk with pride. It was already emptied so all she had to do was load up her gear and she'd be ready to go. Popped it all in the back, and checked the gas. She was full and ready to go. As soon as she started her she heard that beautiful purr and was bouncing out of her skin.
After a few miles Winifred spotted a vacant motel. Checked in, got her key, and plopped on the bed as soon as she was in the room.
She awoke to the sun shining on her face, and was less than pleased with the fact it was in her eyes. Nonetheless, she got up and showered. The cold water was nice, it woke her up for sure. After that it was back to the road, in her sweet bird.
No matter how much that cold shower woke her, she was in deep need of some coffee. Being a hunter means you get on average only four to six hours of sleep, but since she decided to gamble she only got a measly two and a half. It was sure worth it though. She stopped at a gas station and filled baby up with some juice. Then she went inside, standard 7-Eleven style. Got herself some plain black coffee a newspaper and was outta there.
As she looked through the newspaper she noticed an article 'bout an old woman who had died of pneumonia and how just a few days before the woman's husband died from a serious case of what appeared to be the flu. Winifred didn't think much of it but she needed a case, the past week had been full of dingy bars, and cheap hotels. After last night she finally got a decent amount o' money and was able to pay for a better than cheap motel room.
She looked at the city and saw it was near the Cascade Range in Kent, Washington a few hours away from the little county she was in.
After more than a few hours of driving Winnie decided it best to call it a night. She didn't want to be tired and vulnerable, she wanted to keep her life thank you very much. She found a Howard Johnson Inn and decided to stay there. Got some easy takeout and after a few minutes of weapon cleaning she chose to hit the sack. The last thing she saw before sleep consumed her was the clock reading 11:30 which was nice and early for her. The sleep wasn't filled with lollipops and candy-canes, but it wasn't nightmare filled either so that was a plus. The sleep was black and filled with nothing, just still and relaxing.
The blaring alarm was loud and annoying, but it wasn't unwelcome. The blank sleep worried Winifred a bit, she was grateful it wasn't a nightmare but honestly she would've preferred that over the empty, peacefulness. She thought she had died last night. But she didn't so today was a day filled with research, talking with the locals, and getting a little temperamental if she didn't get her coffee soon.
After talking to the family that was left she was dry. There was nothing but tears and apologies. While talking to the youngest daughter though she got word of how lots of elderly were dying, not much but she thought about it and decided it wouldn't hurt to look at disease causing lore and the rate of elderly deaths going on.
So far she had come up with a few creatures that caused disease in the current environment and there had been 10 deaths in Kent. One had happened each month so far this year. Nothing was sticking out too much, except the Acheri legend that had peaked her interest. It was said in the Native American legend that the ghost or spirit of a little girl would come down the mountains or hillsides at night to bring sickness to children and elderly. There wasn't much on protection from them except was the wearing of a red ribbon tied around one's neck.
Sadly, you can only research so much and it was getting late. Winifred returned to her motel and had some takeout. After eating she headed to the shower. The warm water was welcomed and she started singing Nothing Else Matters. As it had been her mom's favorite band and song. "So close no matter how far, couldn't be much more from the heart. Forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters." She sang the song perfectly knowing it all by heart.
After the shower she checked the time and saw it was almost 1:00. She slowly fell asleep thinking of her parents.
"Hey we should totally check out that Thai place I'm starving!" "Whatever Alyx." "Come on, let's try it." "Fine." The restaurant was small and appeared to be in the midst of being filmed. "Excuse me, what kind of food do you have here?" Really Alyx? Thai food duh. "Go talk to him, he'll tell you." The man pointed us in the direction of a boy maybe in his twenties washing dishes behind a bar. "She was so different, so kind." "Who was?" "I don't remember her name, she used to be a bartender here though."
"Hello." Her dead body lay there and we had no idea what happened. Slowly the girl rose from the ground with a crack across her face like a porcelain doll. "Don't be afraid I am only a fortunate teller. That man has no idea what I am capable of." "Ahoooo!" The man had turned into a werewolf and was now chasing us. "Oof!"
*End of dream*
Winifred woke up in a cold sweat. Her nightmare was short but terrifying, she could still hear her friends screaming and she could still smell the cold forest air. The thing that scared her the most was the fact of how real it seemed.
With that awakening nightmare she didn't even need coffee that morning, but since she needed something to drink she decided on some black tea. After that and a simple breakfast burrito from the gas station Winifred decided to search as much of the mountain range she could. Thankfully it wasn't winter so there wasn't any snow to deal with.
It bothered Winifred that she hadn't been able to help the poor little girl. Little Lyla had just turned 2 when that had been the last of her life. Lyla's parents woke up to their daughter puking up blood and a huge case of an incurable pancreatic illness. Winifred hated when she wasn't able to save someone, she knew it would get her killed but it was just who she was. She knew she had to find the Acheri that was causing the pain and put her to rest.
She decided to find the nearest library and look up old Native American tribes that had resided in the Kent area. After a coffee of course, it was going to be a long night.
The first library was small but it had lots of historical fact-filled books. It turns out there had been a small Native American village and the whole tribe had died of a flu outbreak brought by some birds that the tribe had feasted upon. She had to dig a little deeper but Winnie eventually found where the bodies were now resting. It was said that on a small hill on the range was a reserved sight of land where all the Fellortiki had been buried. Now all that was left was to check her salt, lighter fluid, and matches and then to find the little Acheri's grave.
After a pizza, Winifred was on her way to the cemetery. As she was looking for the girl's grave she saw a young man of about 18 walking round the headstones like it was perfectly normal. She noticed he was talking to something but she couldn't tell what.
"Hey!" The boy looked at her surprised and that was when she saw the thing he was talking to. The girl had such dark eyes she wasn't sure if there were even any eyes there at all. The only thing that her brain couldn't quite comprehend was how the boy had been able to see her. "Who are you?" His words brought Winifred back to what was going on. "Can you see her?" "Yeah, now who are you?" "My name's Winnie now uh tell me, how's your immune system been?" "What do you think?" Winifred finally took in the boys situation, she hadn't noticed his limp or the tubes sticking up his nose. She realized that he had cancer but she didn't know what kind.
"What are you doing here?" "Honestly, I was planning on killing myself here because cancer sucks. Then I saw this little girl and we started talking." "About what?" "She mostly listened to my plans and what I was going through, and she told me that it would be painful but she could help me."
Winifred was shocked, she didn't think that spirits listened to their victims. "What else did she say?" "Nothing." Winifred wasn't sure whether to let him die or rest the spirit, she knew he would end up dying either way but she wasn't sure which way would be better. Her head told her to banish the spirit and save the boy, but her heart told her to let the spirit kill one more person because at least he would die happy and she honestly thought then the Acheri wouldn't be to mad about being rested.
Both the Acheri and the boy were staring at Winifred expectantly. The words she uttered next were surprising but she meant it. "Okay, I honestly don't think this is the only and best way. But, you clearly have felt this way and after this I am going to have to put her to rest. I hope neither of you mind." The boy gave her a weak but grateful smile. The little girl took the boys hand and he fell to the ground. He appeared to be having a mild seizure but he looked peaceful while his nose bled slightly.
After his death the Acheri followed Winifred until they found her grave. The digging didn't seem to take as long as usual. The girl watched Winifred and whispered to words that she wouldn't know how to forget even though they were so simple. "Thank you." The girl smiled as she lit the match and threw it on the bones that had been salted and drenched in lighter fluid. The body burned and the girl slowly fell in rest.
Winifred woke up peacefully and nightmare free. She remembered last night, the boy, and the little girl. She smiled softly and thought about where her gorgeous Firebird would take her next.

Chapter 2 The Brothers
After a few days of nothing that looked interesting in Idaho currently, so Winnie thought about traveling to California. On her way there she read about a boy had who had disappeared, and that the same thing was happening to different men on the same road in Jericho, California. Since she was accepting to anything she decided to check it out.
By the time she reached Jericho it was already 2:30 and her thoughts were just on finding the nearest motel. Winifred didn't think it would matter if she didn't sleep that night, but she saw a small motel that read vacant and checked in. The bed looked like it hadn't been used in weeks but what did that matter? She had slept in worse conditions.
The shower was cold but not at all unwelcome. Her dream was uneventful and just a normal every night dream. It made her smile that her nightmares had been happening but not as often. She grabbed quick cup of coffee and was off to find out about the recent events. She heard that the victims disappearance had happened on Sylvania Bridge. So that's where she was headed, she smirked when she saw the cops.
Her smirk fell when she saw two boys following her through her mirror. Winifred dismissed it but her frown was still there as she heard their doors close behind her. She looked behind and saw them looking at her with confusion as well. She stopped and waited for them while rolling her eyes. "Who're you?" "Who're you?" "Federal Marshall's, now answer the question." Winifred was stunned, she knew they were lying but played along. " You're going to have to follow me then." She winked to add effect and almost laughed when she saw the one who hadn't spoken go red.
After speaking to the officers she headed back to her car and was passing some real agents and muttered under her breath "Agent Mulder, agent Scully." She smirked when she heard one of the guys behind her say the same thing.
When she reached her car they all stopped. "So let's be honest here, who really are you guys? You're terrible liars and have no idea how to talk to cops." "We'll tell you if you tell us about you." "Well what've I got to lose? I'm a hunter." They looked at her like she was a ghost, so she looked behind her to make sure there wasn't one. Nothing was there so she looked back at them. "So it's your turn. Who are you guys?" "First, what do you hunt?" "My goodness, I hunt supernatural creatures, now tell me. Who are you?!" They each gave her wary glances.
Finally they spoke, "I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean, we hunt things too, he does it mostly though." "You know what I recognize you. I believe I saw Dean at a bar flirting with my friend Dana, you remember her?" "Actually yeah. Anyways what're you doin here?" What do you think?" It was quite obvious so Winifred got into her car and left to go talk to the girl she heard about back with the officers.
After researching on the computer in her room Winifred heard two voices next door. She rolled her eyes, it was those two boys from earlier. Sam and Dean, her brain was deciding between scaring them or leaving them be. Winifred being the mischievous little girl she was, thought it would be funny to scare them of course. After finding some dead bugs and a few fake fingers she snuck into their room she saw that the bathroom was in use at that she couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. She placed the fingers on the dresser and put a few bugs next to them, she put the rest on the floor.
She heard a door open and saw the boy who wasn't the cocky one and was kind of nice. She tried to hide but he saw her, she tried to give an innocent face but his words made her frown, "Are you trying to hook up with my brother?" "Excuse me? No. I was trying to play a little joke on him." Her smirk gave everything away but she didn't care. He thought about it and agreed to letting her do it.
He kept his word as a few minutes later she heard a scream from the other room and she couldn't help but fall into a fit of laughter. She heard voices, but almost burst again when she heard the brother admit to the fact she had actually did it. Not even thirty seconds later there was a pounding on her door. She opened it cheekily and raised her eyebrows flirtatiously while saying "Couldn't keep yourself away from me?" He just scowled, which made her laugh till she cried. Finally he spoke, "Seriously?!" "You know you shouldn't be so easily scared. It was funny but I expected better from a hunter." He glared but she grinned with fire in her eyes. "Anyways, are you guys going to the bridge tonight?" "Yeah, why?" She could tell he knew the answer but she told him anyways, "To check out where Constance took the swan dive." She gave him a look that said obviously.
She couldn't stop laughing at Dean, after he himself took his very own swan dive he smelled terrible and looked like he left a mud bath a little too early. He couldn't stop glaring but she saw a small smirk appear as she kept trying to joke about it. Winifred could tell that he was a little angry and could only imagine why. His '67 Chevy Impala was a nice car and could tell exactly how he felt since her own car had been controlled by Constance that night. She checked her baby and was grateful that she was okay. Winifred heard him yelling about Constance, but his car seemed to be okay as well so that was a good thing she guessed.
They got back to the motel, went to their rooms, and bid each other goodnight. She took a quick bite of pizza and hit the sack. Her eyes shut just as her head hit the pillow.
Winifred woke to her alarm and went to get a quick coffee but was stopped by Dean. "You never told us what your name was by the way." "Oh right. It's Winifred but I prefer Winnie." "Cool." She heard some familiar voices and turned around to see the cops from yesterday being pointed in their direction. "Tell your brother to get out of here right now." Her voice was urgent and he got the message. The officers came up to them right as the call to warn Sam ended. He droned on about how he had searched about us and how he found that we weren't real Federal Marshall's. "You got anything that is real?" The first words that popped into her head slipped out of her mouth, "His boobs." The officer looked displeased and slammed them on the car. She smirked when her eyes fell to Dean who was trying to keep from adding on and laughing.
At the station they were sent into the same room which was surprising and quite dumb. After a few minutes of talking to Dean the man turned his attention you. "Yes?" "How does a girl like you end up mixed into something like this?" Of course that was the first thought that would go through someone's head. Winnie and Dean shared a look and she answered, "Well that's a long story I met this hunk a few weeks ago, we really hit it off. We thought it would be fun to go on a road trip, he suggested this place first so I told him okay. We got here and he decided it'd be funny to play a trick on you guys. Now if I may, I would like so I'm sorry." The cop looked grateful but he wasn't done so he continued, "Thank you, but I don't believe a word outta your boy Dean here." Winifred hid her shock well, Dean? Not so much, the sheriff smirked now that he was getting somewhere. Her brain tuned out trying not to give anything away, until he pulled out a journal. This caused Dean to stiffen.
This only caused Winnie to look confused and say, "What is that?" The cop was wondering what was going on, he gave her a sympathetic look. She looked over to Dean who was rigid. They knew his name and had possession of his father's hunting journal. The sheriff's next words were quite surprising but he still uttered them."Look, you said it was Rosie right? Since you honestly don't seem to know what's going on I'm going to let you go." Winifred gave him a grateful nod as he undid her cuffs, while Dean looked a little thankful he was wondering what was in store for him.
Winifred left the building with one last glance to Dean. She quickly found a phone and called Sam, who had given her his number in case anything went wrong while the other was away. She didn't understand reason but was now grateful. He answered on the second ring, "Hello?" "Hey, it's Winnie." "Who?" "The extremely attractive girl who uses her life skills to hunt supernatural creatures." "Oh right, so where's Dean?" Winifred honestly didn't what was going to happen so she just told him what she knew. "He's still at the station, the cops let me go since I didn't seem to know what was going on." "Okay, I'll think of something." "Trust me just make a fake 911 call, it works every time." "Okay, what're you gonna do?" "I think I have an idea of how to get rid of Constance, it might not be enough to just dig up her bones and salt them." "I was thinkin the same thing, I'll meet up with you at her house?" "Yeah, good luck Sammy." Silence filled the air. "Uh sorry bout that." "It's fine, let's just do this."
Winifred heard a car pulling up, and looked through one of the windows to see the Impala in the drive way. Something didn't seem right so she headed down stairs only to hear Sam starting to yell in pain. Worried she ran for the door as quick as she could. The next thing she heard was a gunshot which caused her to freeze next to the stairs. "I'm takin you home!" Sam yelled out. She just stood there as the Impala crashed through the door.
Dean and Sam were soon visible when she saw Constance. Constance was enraged and threw a desk towards the boys, pinning them to the car. Winifred hadn't been spotted yet till the water started trickling down the stairs behind her. Constance saw her and threw a vase at her head which she dodged, as she heard to little voices. "You've come home to us mommy." The two raspy, childlike voices said in unison. Both the boys and Winifred stared as Constance was soon embraced by her kids resulting to her screaming in pain. The sound caused Winnie to wince, but her stare never fell. In only a matter of seconds Constance was pool of blood on the floor, and then nothing more.
The boys were able to move, and were hesitant with their next words. "So this is where Constance drowned her kids?" "If you so much as dented my car I'll kill you." This only caused Winifred to laugh and earn an "Are you serious" look from Dean. "How would you like it if this was your Firebird." She stopped laughing immediately and scowled. He only smirked causing her blood to boil. Winifred strutted up to him and slapped him across the face. "Don't even joke about my baby like that."
Sam burst into laughter and Dean looked utterly surprised, nothing like that had ever happened to him. Sure he'd been slapped by girls, but never like that or for that reason. Winifred still scowled but he could see a smirk appearing. "Well that was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, now let's get back to the motel to get our stuff." They all agreed.
Sam wanted to show Winnie Stanford since she had never seen a college. She agreed thinking it would be fun, Dean said it wasn't that fascinating though. Winnie thought it had more to do with the fact that Sam wasn't staying with his brother.
The dorm stayed in wasn't as small as she had imagined, she had thought he would pretty much live in a one room apartment. It turned out that he lived with his girlfriend Jessica and he was in love. She secretly envied him, hunters couldn't afford that luxury. But she was happy for him since he was that lucky.
As they watched Sam enter Dean asked her, "Hey, these coordinates point a place in Colorado called Blackwater Ridge. Wanna check it out?" "Sure, do you have an idea of what it is?" Her question wasn't answered, because a terrified yell erupted from Sam's building. Dean didn't hesitate to storm into the dorm and Winifred was right on his heels. The scene was horrible. Nearly everything was on fire, Sam was laying on his bed yelling over and over "No." While what Winifred assumed was Jessica on the ceiling split in the stomach and filled with fear was dead. Winnie helped Dean take his brother out of the building, making sure he didn't run back in there.
The fire department got their and Winifred asked them what had happened. They told her it must have been an electrical shortage in the washing machine causing the fire. Winifred saw the brothers talking and didn't interrupt them, she guessed they were talking about Jessica. Her assumptions were confirmed when she heard Sam say, "We have work to do." She knew the voice of revenge well, she used it a lot when she had started hunting. It was a dangerous voice that could drive someone mad.

Chapter 3 Wendigo
On the way to Blackwater Ridge Winnie could tell there was something wrong with Sam. They had already stayed a week at Stanford and needed to get to the case in Colorado. Sam had been having nightmares and Winifred knew exactly how he felt.
Winifred had just gotten home from school. Her mom was outside as always even though Winnie was eighteen now. She still gave her mom a hug and walked inside. The house smelled like her favorite dessert, stawberry-rhubarb pie. "What's the occasion?" "Your test results came back today." Winifred knew what that meant, her SAT results came early but it didn't bother her. She just wanted to know how much she failed, though the pie said otherwise.
Her father was in the kitchen doing some paperwork, he almost didn't notice her until she said "Hi dad." He said hi back, asked her how her day was, and went back to work. Winifred knew he meant well, he was always working on something.
After a few minutes of silence Winnie suggested that everyone had some pie. Her mother agreed while her father only nodded yes. After the pie was served they started talking; about Winnie, work, and the boring bills that needed to be paid. Winifred always hated these moments, the moments where she felt invisible. They knew she was there and they acknowledged the fact of her existence at the table with them, but the didn't include her. "Winifred, would you like to know your test scores?" This topic had been itching her brain and finally they were getting to it. "Yes." "Well, you got a 1270." Oh, the pie made sense now. It hadn't necessarily been for an amazing score, it had been for her low score. She put on an understanding face that read she understood what it meant.
She only had to deal with a lecture and a small grounding from her phone for the weekend. Dinner wasn't for a few hours since they had pie. Winifred heard yelling from downstairs, it was her parents. It always worried her when they fought, they had already been separated twice. The thing Winifred hated most about their fighting was the yelling, the yelling was loud and scary. She went downstairs to try and stop them.
What she saw was terrifying, her mom was on the floor bleeding. Her father was standing above her mom smiling evilly. Winifred screamed, not knowing what was going on. Her father looked up at her, but it couldn't have been her dad. This man had black eyes and she felt terrified when she looked into them. Her mom was slowly getting up and what appeared to be Winnie's dad noticed her rising. He yanked on her hair pulling her up making Winifred wince and her mother to yelp.
"Quit your whining!" "Dad stop!" Winifred's pleas didn't help. Without a second thought her dad slit her mother's throat. Blood was squirting out. Her mother was choking and gagging on her own blood spilling. Her gurgles were all that was left of her voice being heard for the last time. Her mother's shirt was stained with blood and it was still spilling out. Her dad then realized what he did, and stabbed himself in the gut while looking at Winifred the entire time. He was smiling evilly as his shirt was beginning to soak up the crimson mess. Whatever had come over her father had left. His eyes were going normal again and he screamed. As her father yelled a large black mass escaped his mouth.
*End Of Flashback*
Tears were running down Winifred's face and she almost didn't notice the boys making a turn and stopping. She followed along into the building. Sam went to look at paper stuff, Dean went to look at a picture, and Winnie walked around looking for anything interesting. Dean was talking about grizzlies when a ranger came up. Winifred was silent while the brothers made an excuse. The ranger saw right through it and asked if they were friends of Haley. "Ha ha, guilty as charged." Winifred put on an innocent face.
After scoring the permit they were on their way. Sam didn't agree with seeing this Haley girl but Winifred and Dean agreed it would help them know what they were up against.
Talking to Mr. Shaw was helpful but the story made her eyes water.
It didn't take long for Winifred to dislike "Roy". He was arrogant and he clearly didn't trust them, not even a tiny bit. Winifred wouldn't trust them either but still, you gotta have a little faith. Right?
Wrong. Dean had to start asking Roy about what he hunted. He was going to blow their cover and possibly get them killed. Roy didn't see the sarcasm and fake interest Dean showed, while Winnie and Sam did. Everyone suddenly stopped. All eyes were on Dean and Roy. "Just a bear trap." Haley clearly couldn't take it anymore and stopped Winifred. Winifred motioned Dean over who told Sam to keep going.
Haley asked who they were. "Look my brother Sam and I, we're looking for our dad. We thought we were in the same boat." "Why didn't you tell me that before?" "Look I don't know but I'm serious, this is the most honest I've ever been with a woman. Except Winnie here." He motioned to Winifred who only nodded. "Okay, now how does she fit into this?" Winifred was about to answer but Dean cut her off. "She's my girlfriend." Haley looked a little surprised and looked to her for answers. She only nodded yes.
Haley started to head back to the group while Winnie and Dean waited a bit to start talking again. "So." "Yeah." "Girlfriend? Was that like the first thing you could come up with?" "Yeah, I mean we kind of used that for the Woman in White case back in Jericho and it was believable." Winifred thought about it and realized that was true. "Okay, well we're gonna have to get back or else they're going to think we're up to something." "Right." They started walking and as the group was in their sight Winnie asked him one more question.
"Is that really the most honest you've been with a woman?" "Yeah, but I have been honest to you." "I know." "You do?" Dean looked worried so she laughed. "It's easy to tell when you're lying." "How?" "Well, you act like you do when you flirt. You're a little over confident and you act a little narcissistic." "How do you know when I'm flirting?" "Well I saw you flirting with my friend Dana, and you were a little flirty with Haley. But I don't think she caught on." Dean looked a little surprised but was definitely impressed.
Roy had gone ahead and was now calling for Haley. Everyone followed and Winifred was close to horrified of the sight. The tents had been ripped to shreds and blood was stained on almost everything.
Their packs had stolen and Roy had decided to irritate Sam who was already on edge. They were dealing with a Wendigo. Those were nasty, Winifred hated them. Winifred had encountered one a year ago. Saying it was hard to kill would be an understatement.
Winnie had been able to shed some light on the subject since she had hunted one before. The brothers were extremely grateful. Haley was fed up with the fighting and told everyone to calm to down, along with the fact she wouldn't leave without her brother. This made things complicated to say the least, but they needed to get ready for nightfall.
Dean was drawing the Anasazi symbols with Winifred's help. "Nobody likes a skeptic Roy." Dean looked at Winnie and mouthed a 'thank you' which she nodded to. "So what are these-" "They're Anasazi symbols, they'll keep the Wendigo from stepping in here and hurting us." Winifred immediately stopped what she was doing and started walking over to Haley when she started to freak out. She gave her a comforting pat on the back. "How do you guys know about this stuff?" Haley's question left Winnie wondering what to say. "It runs in the family." That was all Dean said because Sam asked if he could speak to him.
"Help! Please help me!" "Don't move it's just trying to draw us out." Everyone stayed in place except Roy when they heard the growl. He shot into the dark forest. He ran into the woods with Winifred behind him. Roy was snatched up before she could find him and bring him back. His neck was snapped by the Wendigo. Winifred heard it just barely and thought it was a twig. She ran back to camp hoping not to get taken by the Wendigo.
Winifred heard voices. They appeared to be Sam and Dean's, along with Haley's little brother. He had been silent most of the time but she had heard him when he talked. "Winnie? You okay?" "What do you think? I'm tied up in a Wendigo lair, do you really think I'm okay?" Winifred hadn't had coffee for two days now and she was not happy. She saw Dean laugh as he was untying Haley.
They found the packs, along with some flare guns. "These'll work." Winifred smirked devilishly at Dean's remark.
They were running to the exit when the Wendigo's growling could be heard by the group. "Sam, Dean take them back. I'll distract this piece of crap." Before they could protest Winifred was calling for the Wendigo. "Hey you little cannibal! Dinner's here, and I taste good!" She could hear Sam scoff and she could tell Dean was trying hard not to laugh to loud.
She could see the Wendigo coming towards her and took a turn. She heard Sam yell as he tried to shoot the Wendigo. He missed but Winnie didn't. She hit it smack dab in the stomach. The Wendigo burst into flames and wailed in pain. "Well don't just stand there! Let's go!" They all ran out of the mine as fast as they could.
The EMT's decided to take Tommy to the hospital. Winifred was talking to Haley while the brothers were talking. She gave Haley a hug and Haley kissed her on the cheek. She was surprised but said goodbye politely. Winifred turned around to see the boys gaping at what just happened. "Guess that's why she didn't catch you flirting." Winnie was chuckling at Dean. "Also explains why she was surprised when I said you were my girlfriend." "You said Winnie was your girlfriend?" "Yeah, so?" "Nothing, I've just never give that excuse before." Dean and Winifred shared a look and both shrugged. "Well, I'm gonna go now. You guys can do your chick-flick stuff now." She smirked and was headed back to her Firebird.

Chapter 4 Murder House

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