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A mysterious man walks down a long, dark path and encounters something shocking.
The World
I Once Knew™

A short story by Heyoka Productions©…
Created by Daniel Alspach.

The world I once knew was bright and beautiful. I walked down a long, dark road one night in September of 1982. The wind was blew softly and dogs could be heard barking in the distance. Fog shadowed over the path in front of me. Up ahead I could see a large figure lying in the center of the road. Then, almost as suddenly as I sighted the figure it let out a long, ear-wrenching scream. Startled by the scream, I ran to the figure. As I ran the figure seemed to distance itself farther and farther away. “Wait!” I yelled hoping that the figure would stop in its place. Then, almost as abruptly it began to distance itself; It stopped. I slowed my walking down to a steady pace. I sneaked my way towards the figure quietly, the lighting of the path dimming as I got closer. I reached out my arm. The figure quickly reacted. Staring me in the eyes, I saw myself looking back at me. The light on the path dissipated. I was no more.
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