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Rated: E · Novel · Dark · #2065828
The governments of the world unleash a bio-weapon onto the planet.
         It has been a year, I have kept careful track of the time that has passed by. I currently live on an island in a light house off the shores of Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan keeps me safe from what is happening on the main land. I am Aodhan Bran Dillion. I am twenty-two years old. I am alone as in no human companionship. For I cannot say I am truly alone. I have three large dogs. I do not know how many cats. A two dozen chickens run around my island free ranging their food. I have some goats. There are other animals too.
         This island is my refuge in a world gone mad. It is what we would of referred to as low tech. I am grateful for that. I have had to teach myself how to survive without technology. That was difficult. I mean that. That was very hard. I did not realize how much technology affected my life. How much I depended on it.
         Learning new skills and the books that held those skills were a gods send; I would not have survived my first year without those books. I learned so many new skills. I can knit. I can sew. I can cook on a wood burning stove. I even taught myself how to play guitar and a few other stringed instruments.
         Raiding the town near me is something I do once a week. I take the boat in. Then I raid the town for the things I need. Fishing hooks, and stuff to fish with. Things that just do not rot away. I been slowly taking books from the library.
         Keeping an eye peeled for the one that make my island refuge a must is nerve wracking. Something happened to humanity. I do not know what. The vast majority of the people became monsters. I mean that. I do not know what else to call them other then monsters. The monsters do not like water. Water burns them. They hunt each other and anyone who is not like them. I have not seen another human in a long time.
         Humming a tune to myself. I fill my backpack with hunting and fishing supplies. I keep an ear out listening for noises that are not made by myself. Imagine my surprise when I tripped over a body that was semi hidden under the counter.
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