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Rated: E · Novel · Fantasy · #2065829
Coinneach is sent to summer camp where he ends up soul-marked by an unknown person.
         Coinneach looks around the summer camp for gifted youngsters he found himself in. He sighs to him self. He is not looking forward to his cabin assignment. He was a little too gifted even amoung the gifted. He just did not want to show that off. He was hear because of his music and healing ability. His healing powers where specialize to a particular type of person. He heals those that walk in darkness more so then light the best. He can heal others just not as swiftly as dark based powered people.
         He looked at the woman with wings that was now in front of him. He gave her a slight bow. “I am Coinneach O'Malley. My grandmother sent me here for the summer, Miss Desmond.”
         Fallen Desmond looks at the young man in front of her. She sighs inwardly to herself. This one's power readings where off the carts. There where only a few other's like him in camp. She eyes the young man as he observes the camp itself. “Let us settle you with the musically and healing gifted. Follow me young man.”
         Coinneach picks up his small duffel and two interments cases. One of the cases held a guitar and the other held a violin, both of which he plays very well. He follows the winged woman to where he will be staying all summer. He opens the door and looks around himself. He notes that in this cabin they do not have bunk beds. Each camper has their own room so to speak. He picks and unoccupied room and sets his instruments down.
         He turns around to find four sets of eyes on it. Two boys and two girls stare at him. “'Ello, I am Coinneach.” His thick Irish accent betraying his sudden nervousness. The girls giggle at him. One of the two young men roll his eyes at the girls.
         “I am Steve.” He motions to each person naming them. “Dolly, Millie, and Jason. We are your cabin mates. Yes the cabins are co-ed. We have two heads one girl one boy. The girl is Bree and the Boy is Hiller.” He pauses. The rooms will not let anyone of an opposite sex stay there once curfew hits.”
         “We were talking about soul mates.” Dolly trilled a long blonde curl though her fingers. “None of us know much about it.” The girls sigh together.
         He raises an eyebrow. “Soul mates are both a blessing and a curse.” He eyes them. “A blessing for no one will ever know you better then your soul mate. A curse because if your soul mate dies, so do you.” Both girls gasp with his words their eyes widen. Coinneach shrugs. “Just the way it is.” He looks at his guitar. “My parents are soul mates. They are also attached to a few others as well. I have a few people I call mom and dad at home.”
         “Sounds different.” Millie tilts her head sideways. “Come on we are all going to lunch.”
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