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Sorry this chapter took a bit longer than the rest doods but enjoy!
          The winds tunneled by my body, opening my jacket, making me fly higher. I swerve around side by side, counting the beats from my wings, till I reached the school.

         Circling around the place to be clear of anyone, I finally landed. Ok, I actually crashed landed in a tree, but that counts as a superb

landing right? But ouch! Did not plan this at all!

"Disappear, till I say appear!" I chanted, slowly my wings shrunk and vanished out of sight. I rolled my shoulders, feeling the feathers in my back,

then I sat there, when suddenly a buzzing noise filled my ear; a giant bee tugged off from my hair and flew away, buzzing angrily. Shaking my

head more flying insects fell out along with water. How could I forget to put on my spells?!

Slowly I climbed down; the tree shook gently as I went down, while decaying leaves fell on top of me. Shaking my head when I jumped down, I

suddenly saw a girl dressed in blue was staring right at me. A wave of familiarity suddenly washed over. My eyes wide, I thought: oh no! Oh no!

Oh no!

Wracking my brains I tried to remember the Forgetting Spell.

She opened her mouth and said "I was going to ask you where room 314 was but never mind. Nice hairdo by the way." Then she turned and

walked away, her hair whipping from the wind. I stared at her back, I wondered had she saw my wings, and then went into the school.

Since traffic is not a problem, I arrived at school a bit early. The cafeteria was half full with seniors, while the hallway walked with juniors. My

school was the biggest in the district but was also the oldest, so everywhere was filled with this musky smell. No matter how much the staff, tried

to get rid of it, the smell sticked to everything.

After walking 3 flights of stairs I arrived to my socials class.

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