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by HRK
Rated: E · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2066174
Adventure should be a part of ones life.
It was Sunday evening and I was home alone, I had nothing to do so I sat on my computer to check my ids and got the update of it so I logged off. I searched for food in the kitchen to fulfill my hunger desire and had some. I did some household chores and when got free from everything so I logged in to writing.com and thought to write a prompt.

I was reading a writing prompt in writing.com when suddenly I heard footsteps as if somebody was climbing the stairs. At first I didn't take any notice of it but then the sound of climbing seemed quiet loud. I was scared to death, goose bumps appeared on my skin and I could feel my heart beat everywhere in my body. I did not know what to do ,I was so confused that I could not figure out what it was , thank goodness I had my cellphone with me so I called on my home number that if it was a thief so he would runaway or get alert.

And when the telephone rang ,the sound of footsteps stopped I assumed it to be a thief and my next step was to call the police but suddenly what happened was that the thief came near the telephone which was upstairs, I could see a guy through the gap in my rooms door ,standing in the lounge . What was he doing? Maybe examining the telephone because he touch the telephone wire, eventually my mind started to comprehend the situation. The thief wanted to cut the telephone wire but what I did was stopped the electricity supply to the house by going to the balcony slowly and smoothly which was attached to my room and where the electrical system was. By turning off the supply of electricity the house went to darkness. I could still hear the ringtone, the guy did not cut the wire instead I confused him then I hid in the balcony till the police came to arrest him .

After 15 minutes ,which seemed like a year, the police came in the mean time I had also informed my parents of the incident and they were on way back home. The police searched the whole house but could not get any trace of the thief. My parents apologized to police officer for wasting their time ,everyone called it a prank but it remained a mystery as I could not figure out what it was .
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2066174-Slowly-and-smoothly