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Is Re-Creation possible for Unack? That's what they are there to find out.

Researcher Six

[journal entry, day 2345, SpaceYear 2187]
     “Captain Kellon reporting. We have just arrived at the planet of Unack. I have already sent down teams to the eighteen large Land Masses to check them out for possible colonization. There are twenty planets in this section of the universe that are overpopulated. They need to re-locate. Re-Creation thinks this planet is perfect for them to do that.”

     “Not all of those planets have agreed to share Unack. That isn’t my problem though. My concern is if this one can support thirteen human worlds and seven alien ones. I know if all twenty do agree there are two Land Masses short. There are several very big islands near each other that can accommodate the other two worlds. We will check out those too. The large ones need to check out first because they will take longer to check.”

     “We are supposed to be getting some new crew members. They are coming on another Research Ship. Once they get here some of them will be sent to check out the islands. I have just been contacted about them. They should be here within a couple of hours. I hope they get here soon. We only have three days to verify if Unack can be Re-Created.” Kellon re-reads what he just dictated out loud onto the Main Monitor in Control Central.


     Lorima shivered in the cold weather. Her Survey Suit she had on didn’t look like it belonged there. It didn’t look like she had any weather protective clothing on. No wonder Lorima and her team had been shivering ever since they got there. ‘I’ll be happy when I get off this planet. Why did I get the coldest part of it to check out? Sometimes I think Captain Kellon hates me. I always get these kind of Surveys.’

     Looking around that part of Unack didn’t look very inviting. There’s plenty of room for five billion people, but it’s always cold there. She looked at what appeared to be a time keeper on her arm near her hand. ‘Who could live in weather like this?’

     “All team members, it’s been another hour. Give me your reports. What have you found here?” Lorima got ten different responses all at once. The noise got so loud she couldn’t hear only bites and pieces of it. She touched the ten small circles with a dot in the center of them on the front of her uniform until all the noise disappeared. ‘I will listen to them individually once they are all finished.’

     Lorima bent down, and picked up something soft on the ground in front of her. ‘It’s snow, and its light blue!’ She stood back up and looked around. Everywhere she looked it was light blue.


     “Carlus, there used to be people living here.” The voice Carlus heard came from Jarie. Looking at the different monitors in front of him he didn’t see what she saw.

     “Are you sure about that? I don’t see anything.” Carlus stayed behind in the Transport Shuttle while his team did the surveying.

     “It’s all underground. There is a big city down here. Or what’s left of one.” Jarie softened her voice a little. “If you think my vice is loud there, it’s even worse down here.”

     “Is anyone else there with you?” Carlus started looking at all the monitors in a sweeping motion. First one way then the other.

     “Poth is with me.” Jarie’s voice could hardly be heard now.

     “Has he had one of his anxiety attacks. He always gets them in confined spaces.” Carlus tapped a monitor with a big mountain on it.

     “I forgot about that. He hasn’t had one yet. I’ll get him out of here before he does.” Jarie sounded loud and clear that time.

     “I’m going to have to report this to Captain Kellon. I don’t want to do it, but I have to.” Carlus pushed a button on an arm of the chair he sat in.


     Like the other teams on the large Land Masses Giron’s team checked it out one section at a time. Only unlike some of the others Giron stayed with his team. They still did all the work, but he’s right there with them.

     “I’ve found something.” Yinda came running up to Giron with something in her fingers. “I think it’s a penny.” It did appear like one in size, shape and color – but without any writing or pictures on it.

     “What’s a…” Giron couldn’t finish because Avlon interrupted him.

     Avlon snatched it from Yinda. “It’s a type of currency on a lot of planets. My home planet of Hevim is one of them.”

     Giron and his team happened to be in a large city too. Only this one happened to be on the surface.


     “We have a big problem. There are animals on this planet.” Vessa spoke after tapping her ear once.

     “That can be! I’ve gotten numerous reports from the other Survey Teams about their being an alien race who used to live on Unack. But what they have reported so far is that it looks like they died out about five to ten thousand years ago.” That voice belonged to Kellon.”

     Maybe that’s true, but Vessa is right. I am looking at it too.” Bordan stood next to Vessa just inside a Wooded Area. They watched what appeared to be a horse galloping across a field.

     “What kind of an animal is it?” Kellon’s voice sounded mad.

     “I’m not sure, but it’s definitely an animal.” Vessa looked at Bordan. Then back at the animal.

     “I haven’t seen any other animals here, but if there is one there are probably more.” Shaira stood right next to Vessa and bordan.

     “You’re probably right about that. I’ll contact the other Survey Teams. I want everyone back here as soon as you can. We’re going to have to find another planet to Re-create.” Kellon said with a sigh.

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