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Storyline Excerpt
Tami was sitting at the bar, she closed her eyes for a moment it had been a long day serving cocktails. She opened them. Bert Porter was standing there. He had his finger at his mouth signaling her to be quiet. Then he began to sing---"I've seen your dancing and really like your style, It's time to play and your invited to stay a while, in a place of imagination........ Part of the La Lorena scene, you will be a Queen"...........
Then he motioned his hands, in a ta dah style and they were suddenly in a different place.

There was smoke and brimstone, a deep cliff and the sounds of the damned, there were also 4 women, whom she recognized. They were two standing on each side of a bronze throne. "Your throne and your ladies in waiting my Queen." Bert said to Tami introducing her to the underworld he ruled in.

Later he conjured a door, he opened it and through it fell Captain Tim Nelson.

Hooded men sang, raise up, movement in red, prepare this place for the undead.........Tami was tied to a tree to receive a spirit.

Later Tami was given an outfit by her ladies in waiting, a long black robe with gold lacing. the ladies in waiting wore a bikini style black outfit with a black jacket and black stockings and black heels. Tami new them in her real life they were friends. The girls got reacquainted and began to perform--were in the club, were through the door, we have privileges and dance tunes, we got in free, were dressed to kill, were with the queen, and were here to make room.......

Captain Tim Nelson was with Bert Porter looking on. Bert produced another door, He opened it, it led down to a sort of laboratory, with a bunch of control panels, and view screens. Bert explained that he only existed in flesh form here on this realm, other than that he was a ghost.

Tami was being shown around by her ladies in waiting. They came to an area with sculls on stakes, torsos hanging from trees, and cages that rose into the ceiling, they were empty. "Don't worry the torsos and sculls are not real, they represent," one of the girls said.

Bert had shown Captain Nelson around an operations chamber, and explained to him the situation and what it was for, now they went to the Queens castle. She was seated on a throne she had blond hair and her face was ghostly pale. She looked familiar. There were two chairs on either side of her throne carved roughly out of stone. There were cushions on the seats. Each seat had a female sitting in it. The Queen and her assistants were seated on a platform from where Bert and Captain Nelson were standing. Surrounding were stakes with sculls, trees with bodies hanging from them, various cages that were empty, there were no real walls just stone and cave like surroundings, as they had built around a natural setting. Smoke or brimstone rose from vents somewhere, it was warm, and he could hear the sounds of suffering. It was a setting of Hell.

Robed hooded men walked onto the platform from a doorway. The ladies in waiting got up. They were about to perform a ceremony. The hooded men each had a tray in there hands. On tray one was a necklace of stones. One of the women placed it around the queens neck. The second tray had a bowl of oil. Another one of the girls anointed the queens head and dipped her hands in it. tray three had a goblet. Another female handed it to the queen to drink from. Tray four had a gold crown. The fourth female placed it on her head. The Queen approached the edge of the platform and motioned to Bert and Tim. Bert told Tim to approach. "So Captain Nelson we meet again." She said. She looked familiar but he could not recall. "I seem to have some form of Amnesia" Tim said. Bert walked over and handed her a cane which he had materialized. She motioned with the cane to produce memory.

He recalled a club where the women were dancing on poles. The girl who was now queen was being instructed by another women that this is how things would be now, she pointed to one pole dancer and said look at this bird, she sings, dances, she's a double threat, She motioned to another girl, and Holiday, she dances, she raps, she even wants to act, and now this is my club, I'm the boss, I make the rules, so you can dance, and strip and your new name is jewel..........."There is a customer who wants to dance with you so think about it and choose wisely there could be a lot of money in it for you, She motioned to (Captain) Tim Nelson who was standing in the background looking, but before all we did was dance to hit songs--Jewel said, The new club matron looked at Her and said I'm not Bert, Mr Nelson is a huge shareholder, and I'm not telling you anything I wouldn't do."

Captain Nelson was now back in the moment looking at the Queen. She said, "now Bird is Electra, and Holiday is Hellfire." Captain Nelson looked like he was losing it for a minute. "What am I he asked?, what is this place?" I'M talking about Hell" she said. The ladies in waiting started to sing and dance "Hellfire form in a circle, appear like a ghost and say boo, protocal is the truth sets you free, and Karma the shade is blue, we can't even call out on a telephone, and we have to find our home.............hell, hell, hell,hell fire, h.e.l.l..................Captain Nelson looked concerned for himself. The Queen looked at him and said clearly you were badly behaved, but we have to recover memory still. Then she stopped and began to channel something herself--Ready or not I'm gona find you , I'm gonna find you, find you, find you, find you, Like playing hide and seek, i'm gona catch you, I'm gonna catch you, catch you, catch you.....................

Annette Farida was hanging clothes on a rack and checking to make sure everything was in place. Helen walked in. "So this is the big day," Helen said. Annette smiled as she arranged, jewelry on a table, "Yes Cloth and Style," she said speaking the name of her store out loud, "the only way to live on this planet, we all need our recreation, and this earns an income." Helen was looking at the makeup compacts, "I wanted to get your advice on an issue" she said. Annette was assembling scarves, "look at this" she said motioning to a glass display case with a doll in it. "Really Annette I have an issue." Annette stopped what she was doing and looked at Helen giving her, her full attention. Helen explained that she was concerned she had upset Abby, and wondered if she could suggest someone who could help her out in the field. Annette thought about it and suggested Linda Novic.

"So your a human hybrid mixed with alien Dna?" That is correct Allena answered. They had just come in from the pool area. Allena wanted to change into some clothes for lunch, they were in the living room of her hotel room, compliments of the hotel where she was performing. Rich was sitting in a sofa chair pouring a glass of wine. He motioned to a portrait of an apple tree, What is this?" He asked.

The Queen had been taken into a cave like area. She did what she had been instructed. Using her cane she made a circle on the dirt floor that was large enough to encircle a car. she stepped back and spoke the words fire and brimstone. Earth crashed inward leaving a hole framed by the circle. it was dark, sulfur came up from the hole eventually accompanied by the sounds of suffering and torment. Finally a flame of fire ran around the edges of the circle eventually contained within the hole. The flames took on the form of a person. forming and unforming.

Linda was in the clerk file office. She made 2 new files. One was of Rich Aldin, who had been placed in a another dimension. The other on Del moore who had been placed in a separate dimension also. They were the VPX files. She thought about the castle. Now the distortion was a larger problem. Linda faded away into the distortion. She had made a time jump and had become out of sync. An earlier version remained.

"That is a portrait of a rare kind of apple." Allena said walking out of the bedroom wearing a blouse and pants, and rearranging her hair from pinned up to loose around her shoulders. Rich raised an eyebrow. "Before you had to be spiritually deceased to have the mental. Now you can start that process by eating that apple. How did you become a vampire?" Allena asked. Rich raised his glass of red wine. "By drinking a glass of---wine." He said and took a drink.


Barbara had spoken with her friend Angela Burnett on the phone that morning about Jim. Angela did not think it was a work issue and suggested she come to her place for a few days they had not been in contact for some time. Barbara spoke with Jim, he was adamant that he had to focus on his job load for the time being and agreed with her spending a few days catching up with her friend. It would be a change to interact with someone who was not aware of the supernatural elements she now dealt with.

April was sitting at the piano tapping a key here and there while imagining words to a song--Almost over you. She was at her fathers house for the weekend. Her sister May walked into the living room and saw her sitting at the piano looking kind of gloomy. "What are you remembering," she asked sitting on the piano stool beside her. April shook her head as if to clear it, "oh, nothing that is necessary to go into, I'm just bored I guess." April adjusted the music book on the piano. "That's not what your playing May said, I bet it's a guy your thinking of." April was quiet for a moment. "why wouldn't I be thinking of a guy in February? Where's your guy? May did not want to lose the subject. "Never mind me who is it? Actually I have no valentine I'm thinking about writing an original song," April decided just to throw her off.

Jim thought about Barbara. He had lied about his workload. He was trying to recall something but couldn't. He would have a few days to think things over about Barbara. He went to look for the prophecy parchment. He thought about the puzzle box and about Velma.

Abby met with Jacaubre. She gave him the draft of her Pollution report. She listed the job assignment as priority. When he was done, deliver a copy to the relevant parties rooms for the next board meeting. She was preparing for a lunch meeting with Helen aboard ship.

Luna was behind the bar. She made herself a simple drink on the rocks, and went and sat on a stool. She had been left to tend bar while her---father was away. She took a drink and thought about Dell Moore. He had been an assignment for her, but she had entertained romantic notions like anyone would for a physical specimen such as him, he was also a famous singer.

"Where am I, I'm not in my lair, it's hot, a voice said from the flames. This-has- gone on endlessly, a doppleganger pursuing relentlessly, you try to hide, but i see through your lies, it's time to change from day to night,-----were changing from day to night, I'm not in my lair, I'm not in my vessel, and I'm not in my lair...........

Allena was in the pool swimming, Rich was sitting at a piano playing, he had made arrangements with the hotel owner to have the area just for the two of them. Allena swam around the pool, the green of her alien skin in full view. Rich played and sang-- I could write a whole album about you, right here and now, .................................As you are you are beautiful. Her skin was not always on display. She could control that at will. This was a late Valentine from Rich. He could not get the place arranged before the holiday. He also said he was inspired.

The fire formed into human shape momentarily then the voice again----Xs and Ys, Xs and Ys, through the pain and glory everyone wants to have there day I the sun, I can't account for everything and everyone and every issue, but like anyone else want to have fun, all work and no play would make anybody dull, some people have more than enough, while others are never full, thinking about a meal, after their next meal, Xs and Ys, Xs and Ys................................

Allena was getting ready for dinner at the Hotel restaurant. Rich was talking with the Hotel owner in the living room. "Is she the one?" The owner asked. "Yes." Rich answered looking at a music box.

"This is my night, I've waken up, clearly I've been tossed about, I'm not in my shell, things have gone to hell, I'm trying to remember what has happened to me, I remember I had a dream, and things were not as they seemed, the masses just wanted to ride, I was just a ride--to them I was an amusement park, and to me--they were bad fruit, to me they were always a problem, they were a problem, .........The fire mellowed, "I remember the voice said, a witch and a dragon..........

Allena and Rich had dinner. After they went to a Late night encore performance at Donna Dora's show house. Featuring Rich himself as part of the performance. Allena sat with Jessa Angie a performer from Richs Club. Donna had several huge mirrors for props she performed and sang I'm not a witch don't try to burn me, Don't be sorry.....................eventually the music changed. Rich walked out of one of the mirrors, trust me your not losing your mind, It's smoke and mirrors that is what you'll find----------watch as the reflection and I move, ............Now this is an illusion, I am not a fake, This is not a fake..............at first there was no reflection then as he sang walked and did dance moves in front of the mirrors a reflection of a huge bull like red man like images of lucifer moved in sync with him. Eventually he finished his song and Donna Dora took the stage again singing where is the love, where is the love, not releasing the dove, I'm gonna run you through, where---is the love. She had a matador costume on and a cape and was accompanied by dancers in a bull type costume.

Velma started to remember some things---like her design--The fire burned hugely for a short time, then black smoke rose and shaped into circles with flames bursting from them. The Queen began sweating from the heat and coughed from the smoke. The fire mellowed and faded. Then a red orange light formed into a rectangle. This world is an illusion Velma said. The Queen watched as the light seemed to go into a stasis mode, she stood there for a while. finally the voice spoke again, and gave the Queen her duties. Velma seemed to go into a stasis mode, but was really in a cycle of formation.

Rich was walking with Allena after the show, it was nightime, they had just left Jessa at her door. Allena was quiet. They walked together along the sidewalk, the car was parked on a nearby curb. It was a warm night. "So how long have you known Jessa?" Allena asked. "I saw her perform at the hotel some time ago and now she works at the club. "What about Dora or Donna?" "Donna Dora Rich offered to clear her confusion. "She introduced me to the town so to speak, and that was an encore performance. "She had a lot of dancers Allena commented, I bet you'd be surprised to find I dance a little Allena said and she did a ballet turn. She fell against Rich. "That was a pirouette and very sloppily done, nothing like Donna whatshername."

Velma thought from her beginnings with the community and decided things had turned out disastrously. She had sent a nightmare, but now she would have to deal with reality and affect the balance. She continued her alteration.

April was with may and the rest of five points. They were in the rec room aboard ship. They were playing around with some words about being modern witches.

Why would you torture me with dreams, and then just give them away, leaving me without a shell, with just this,--- I have no song, and my soul is someplace cold, ..............................Velma remembered the retreat and the spiritual window, she went over her design like some kind of machine, she remembered the homeplanet, she also had some blueprint of computer technology in her abilities, that she began scanning through--using a hologram image--that she learned from the homeplanet, she projected a hologram screen, numbers and computer language ran across the screen over and over. The telephone number she needed had too high a security clearance. She would need to reach out supernaturally.

Luce was with Grace and __________. They were scouting down someone from the list of people that had been at the retreat.
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