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Thoughts / Emotional description of our present state
In the light of the persistent uncertainty, the anguish we feel within deepens as our every day is filled with destruction and destabilization of the humanity and the human race.

We have taken away the childhood of our generations eliminating their hope, creativity and youthfulness, making them face the ultimate brutality of a defeated generation.

Our quest for knowledge, spirituality and the way to harmony are all ideas that are alien to us, our youth and our soul within, making us more vulnerable to a submissive attire that was neither thought off nor was the part of our destiny.

One day our destiny will provide us way to our revitalization but we have to act, experiment, seek and learn from within through connecting with the universe.

How, when, where this connection will emerge is a pursuit for every human to seek or we may be confined in our present state of delusion and fear, only we have to decide for us to be free forever !

Having one day of awakening would be better than a live time of self imprisonment…let us be the chosen one…let us have morality, courage and peace with sharing, love and respect.

Let us be humans for once !
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