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Why blame other man is a poem that mirrors man as he is.
Each time I look into the mirror
I see an unresolved puzzle
Flopped and drained
But undefeated
Yet trodden down the streets:
Of farms, hills and valleys;
For the knowledge of other things
Again I look into the mirror
I see that same man
Unknown to himself
Yet thinking he could know others
He, lost of himself and binds
Claiming to be loose and free
Yet full of faults and shams
Next I look into the mirror
The same swindled man
In chains and shackles
Subjected by his own prejudices
Of knowledge, ego and pride
He flushed himself with power
And flaunt his knowledge and wealth
Such, only synonymous with gods
But he is never innocent
More ignoble than he-goat
And more ignoramus than ostrich
Why blaming the other man;
When we’re puzzles to ourselves?
We forget the man in the mirror
Who wants to know everything
And refused to know himself
He lost the key to all puzzle;
Which is himself—myself and you

In why blame the other man, I try imagine reality upon reality but everything was absurd. I saw man as a being, that is unknown to himself yet trying to know other things. I saw man as a being, who instead of struggling to achieve harmony in himself abandoned himself trying to achieve order in other things.
He is the key to all desired order but he has forgotten himself, the key; and so focuses on vanities. I think you and I have failed because we lost direction; and had we remained an unresolved puzzle to ourselves.
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