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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2066602
This isn't a blog, but it sure looks like one. Doesn't it?

PureSciFi aka SpaceFaction

     ‘What can I say about Writing.Com – except that I like it. I have ever since I joined a couple of years ago. September 18th to be exact. The first year and a half I didn’t do much. I tried to sign in everyday, but I couldn’t do that until I got my laptop. Even after that I forgot to do it a lot.’ PureSciFi aka SpaceFaction didn’t start thinking about this Prompt, and this unofficial blog, until he got to work.

     ‘It was about three months ago after I wrote my first Short Story that I really got involved on Writing.Com. For one thing I didn’t know I got a minimum of ten GPs a day for just signing in. If I would have known that I probably have started writing Short Stories a long time ago. Is there somewhere on the site for a newbie to be told this when they first join? Maybe in a welcome email. Or do you do that already? I can’t remember.’ PureSciFi didn’t think he could do this Prompt in First Person.

     ‘Then again I might not have started sooner. I only had a free membership. Right from the start I wanted to upgrade to Basic or beyond, but I couldn’t even afford to do that. The problem with a free membership is that you are so limited with what you can do on the site too – especially when it comes to entering Contest. Which is what I am mostly doing right now. I am also doing a lot of reviewing now too. In fact, I have just been, and joined, invited to join the WDC Power Reviewing Group.’ PureSciFi didn’t know if he should be plugging some of this he’s thinking or not.

     ‘Just like my Short Stories I might be turned around, or off the current train of thought, every so often. I hope you will forgive me for that. This is all pretty new to me. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Every time I think I am doing something right I find out, usually the hard way from one or more of you, I’m not. This is a good example of what I mean when I say I am thinking off target.’ PurSciFi did this a lot.

     ‘Where was I before the last paragraph? Oh yeah. I was about to say that I have been thinking about joining Writing.Com for years. May almost from the beginning of its creation. I thought it had been around a lot longer than that. Was it something else before Writing.com?’ PureSciFi was starting to get off topic.

     ‘It’s been awhile but I kind of remember joining another Writing.Com, but it was a Workshop. I joined Script-W, Novels-L, Fiction and Writing. At least I think those were the Workshop I joined. There wasn’t any choice but to join Writing. I had to join it before the others. That’s why I thought this one might be related to that one.’ PureSciFi knew he was getting off target again.

     ‘Let me think for a second. Oh yes I was talking about me joining Writing.com. I wanted to join a few years ago, but back then I couldn’t because my access to the internet was very limited. Unfortunately, it took the death of my oldest brother before I could get online. Even then I was limited – until my other older brother got some back VA benefits for going from thirty percent to sixty percent disability. That’s when I got my first real laptop. It’s also when I got my first real laptop.’ PureSciFi knew this paragraph was a little bit longer than the others.

     ‘I wrote my first story on March thirtieth for the Intriguing Words Contest. That month’s Prompt was ‘Crime is terribly revealing. That one didn’t go over too good. But my next one did. I created it on August twenty sixth, and it has done pretty good, but the one after the next one was the first one I got an awardicon with. The only one so far, but I have only been writing these Short Stories for a few months.’ PureSciFi thinks he’s back on the right track now.

     ‘The reason why there is such a big gap between my first and second Short Story is because of my limited Items totals. I thought I would have a problem with that when I decided it upgrade my membership. At first I thought it was just going to be Basic – even though I wanted Upgrade – because of my finances. But thanks to a fifty percent off membership email I could upgrade to Upgrade instead.’ PureSciFi was happy he could do that.

     ‘That’s when I really started getting involved with Writing.Com. I think I just figured out what WDC stands for. It’s Writing Dot Com isn’t it? I’m starting to go off topic again. I also started getting involved with Contest too. At the moment I only got one daily Contest – The Writer’s Cramp Contest. Up until a couple of weeks ago I also was entering the ‘Daily Flash Fiction Challenge’ on a daily basis too, but I dropped that because I wasn’t winning any – except for the one he had no choice but to give me since I was the only one who entered that day. Another reason why I stopped is so that I could concentrate on the daily Contest I have won a few times, and my reviewing.’ PureSciFi got sidetracked for a second there. Didn’t he?

     ‘Reviewing is another reason why I am thankful - to Writing.Com. I got a review from someone on Anniversary Reviews, and I have been doing reviews ever since then – mostly with them. I’ve even gotten a couple of Requested Reviews too. Thanks again, Writing.Com.’ PureSciFi could go on praising Writing.Com, and thanking them, but there is a Word Count Limitation for the Writer’s Cramp Contest.

     “Is this First Person. I hope so, but I doubt it.’ PureSciFi ended another blog.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2066602