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by Ajay
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When Terror will take away your hope

I saw it...
I saw fear in every eyes.
I saw people running for their lives..
I heard those silent cries...
I heard voices begging for mercy when someone pulled a gun on their head..
I felt it..
I felt the reign of terror taking over smiles..
I felt that silence caused violence which again caused silence
I saw a nightmare..
I saw a hopeless bunch of people..
I saw them unreactive to violence...
I heard it.
I heard them accepting their defeat..
I heard the guns and bombs but not a single cry..
I sensed it.
I sensed the numbness caused by frequent terror..
I sensed that no one was alive..
For they gave up without fighting with might...
For they hoped that they will meet their loved ones again,

in some land of unknown after they die..
For they did not fear death anymore...
They feared living with fear of death....
They feared losing their soul in bits and pieces every time their close one died..
For now they feared life..
And i fear that someday it might come true..
When the frequency of these attacks would increase so much,

that we will become used to it...
I fear that someday our tears would dry up...
Our brain will go numb..
For someday we will be tired of standing up again and running for life..
Our mind will be tired of living this kind of life..
And with wine will we celebrate every death and say
*Free is the soul from reign of terror* cheers

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