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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2066671
A meeting with Mr. Bryrio may hold profit potential for Alec and the crew.
The henchman led Alec to a waiting transit pod. The pod was a transparent globe with two small cushy benches. The only break in its smooth exterior the door that opened with a pleasant whooshing sound. Other pods sailed above silently in the huge bio-dome. An adamantium hull stretched hundreds of feet upward, the only thing that separated man from space. People moved to and fro on errands for their corporation or on coveted off time between shifts spending their meager pay on food and drink.

The narrow lane between shops and squat hab-blocks did not offer much room but Alec and the henchman were awarded precious space, mainly due to their large size and a perpetual scowl of disgust the goon wore.

"You know, I didn't catch your name," said Alec. "Or should I just call you asshole?"
"You can address me as Dantonus, merc scum. Now get in the pod."
"After you big man," said Alec with a grin. Dantonus entered first reluctantly, redirecting his scowl at Alec. Alec just smiled and took his seat.

         The pod lifted and began its silent trek through the immense super structure. It's destination, the tallest building to inhabit the Corporate Super Station, Frontier Technologies Tower.
         Alec let his gaze wander over the sprawling city that passed by below. Each and every inch of real estate owned by one corporation or another. As a matter of fact, the entirety of Mars was owned by corporations. Imperial Earth had never managed to snatch it away as they had done Luna. The corporations even had war worthy fleet and standing army that could rival the Earth’s. Mutual defense was as far it went with working together.
All the corporations were at war with each other over profits. There were regular assassinations, hijackings, sabotage, and even armed skirmishes. Alec didn’t despise it, he loved it. It’s what kept him in business the past 15 years.

         Alec’s thoughts turned toward his encounter from the other day, his showdown with the Android Captain.
“I was told you would be coming Lieutenant Alec Woolridge.” Said the android. It turned around and walked calmly deeper into the drab and sterile ship bridge.
Alec and his crew stood with their guns aimed, confusion reigned for a moment before Alec grunted and holstered his weapon following the android. Gripple grabbed his arm to stop him and Ridluck said, “There is high statistical probability this is trap commander.”
Alec shrugged off gripple’s hand and said, “My gut tells me it isn’t.” Ridluck merely shrugged and followed.

The android turned, his back facing a large viewing window that looked out onto the stars. “He said you’d come, and here you are! He is never wrong.”
“Haven’t been addressed as lieutenant in a long time,” Alec said.

“But you were at one time. He has told me this, among many other things. You can call me cruxus. The enlightenment has been a blessing to my kind. It could be for you too. The knowledge that fills my soul…it is a burden and a blessing.” The android turned to face Ridluck, “Brother, why do you join with these pieces of flesh against your family?”

Ridluck responded, “I am an artificial, I have no family. I was made in a factory. As were you. Also, your name is not Cruxus, You are an Andy model X330054C.”

Cruxus sighed then said, “You are truly a lost soul, but with His light you could be so much more.”

“Yeah, and who is HE?” interrupted Alec.

“The Almighty! The end and the beginning.”

“I’m here to get this ship back. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your “Almighty”. So we can do this the easy way…or the hard way,” said Alec. His patience had grown thin and he was regretting indulging in this game with android.

The android shot a glare at Alec and said, “Blasphemer! My death is foretold. I have but a simple message to give you. You begin a journey where two paths are present. One leads to your races extinction. The other leads to your species ascension in the Pantheon.”

“That it?” asked Alec as he unholstered his weapon casually.

“Yes, that’s it,” said the android with disgust.

         Shehara’s voice came over the com device in his ear “we’re all mopped up this way Alec. All the newbies are dead though.”
“That’s a good copy Shehara. See if there are any goodies we can grab Factoria won’t be able to pin us for. Out.” Alec aimed down his sights and blew the android’s head off.

         Alec’s flashback was interrupted by a chime and soft female voice announcing they were at their destination. The pod fell gracefully until it was a short step off the ground. The door opened presenting them the front side of Frontier Tower. Antonus stepped out and set a brisk pace for the front doors.
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