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Almost everything on the planet of Kowain is religious - one way or another.

Worship is the Only Way to Live

     Almost every planet had one form of religion or another. Some followed just one, but most had multiple faiths. The planet of Kowain lived with only one. If you could call it living. It looked, and felt, more like a One Leader conviction. The current Leader, Velomon, expected everyone to worship him on a daily basis from their homes, work etc. – it didn’t matter to him where they did it. As long as it got done.

     Velomon also expected them to worship him in person once a week. Depending on where they lived as to what day you praised him. Each continent got its own day. That way Velomon got revered all ten days of the week. For the largest landmass that day ended each week.

     It’s not all bad news. Velomon had an ego problem, but he didn’t have a terroristic one. Except for being worshiped on a regular basis the humans of Kowain lived pretty normal lives. He had another problem though. A Leader could only lead for one generation, and that hundred years happened to be getting close to ending for Velomon. There’s one slight problem – he didn’t want to give it up.


     The Kowains didn’t have it that bad, but their ancestors had it a lot better. Ten thousand years ago the Kowains lived in a futuristic society. That’s before religion took over the planet. Up until then multiple faiths lived on Kowain, but they all practiced pretty much the same thing. They called it different names, and they worshiped in slightly different ways, but one thing they all had in common – songs like Give Us This Day and We Praise You.

     Kowain slowly started going downhill from then. Religion didn’t literally take over, but the more Kowains that embraced it the stronger it got. Within ten generations the current society had been born. It’s been like that ever since then. The futuristic way of life started breaking down when a religious society begun.

     During the next thousand years the different faiths fought amongst themselves. Some of it very deadly. It destroyed several of them. They only agreed on one thing: Only one of them could be the Leader of all of the religion on Kowain. It depended on the belief of the current leader as to with one they followed. It also got decided that the current leader would only lead for one generation.


     “Have you found my replacement yet?” Velomon paced his Command Chamber on the spaceship in orbit over Kowain. It’s the only part of the futuristic past that survived.

     “Not yet. The Kowains below are keeping him a secret, but why?” Velomon’s Personal Assistant, Beista, patiently waited by the door.

     “They must have found out my intentions of renewing my Leadership for another generation. I wonder how they found that out?” Velomon stopped pacing, and looked at Beista. “You are the only one who knew it.”

     “It wasn’t me.” Beista started walking toward Velomon. “They probably figured it out with all your personal visits to the Religious Houses you have all over the world.”

     “Speaking of Religious Houses what is going on with them. All that noise going on within.” Velomon stepped toward Beista – who had stopped.

     Beista had to think about that for a minute. “Oh, you must mean the singing. They sing to praise you. I can’t remember some of the songs, but I do remember one. It’s called All That You Showed Me. I’m not sure what it means.”

     “I don’t like it. It’s too loud. Tell them to stop doing it at once.” Velomon returned to his big chair in the center of that room.


     A voice could be heard from above. The face in connection with that voice appeared in the light blue clouds that surrounded the planet, and it belonged to Velomon. “As of now I want all singing my praises to be stopped at once.” Just then the face, and voice, disappeared.

     “What an amusement. He thinks the songs that we sing are to worship him.” Howac held his baby girl while his Love, Sisti, changed her.

     “Hold still Tunne. Your father wouldn’t have to hold you down if you didn’t wiggle around so much.” Sisti finished changing Tunne.

     “He thinks we praise him with songs like The Power and the Glory, and it’s just the opposite. That song is all about his thirst for power.” Howac released Tunne from his grip.

     Just then their oldest child of five, Porrim, came running in. “Did you see that scary face in the clouds?”

     “We saw it through the window. I think the whole world probably saw it.” Sista picked up Porrim on her way out the door.


     “I think I have found your replacement.” Beista came into the Command Chamber holding a small monitor cube.

     Velomon snatched the cube from Beista. He looked into the monitor screen. “Who is it?”

     “His name is Porrim.” Beista also had a piece of paper in her hands too.

     “Are you positive about this. I can’t stop it until I am sure.” Velomon reached out for the piece of paper.

     “I’m sure. It’s him, and I think they are about to announce it to world. The Planet Leaders have told the Media they have an announcement to make. What are you going to do about it?” Beista gave him the paper.

     “I have already taken care of that. When the Announcement Ceremony ends he will die mysteriously.” Velomon returned to his chair with a big smile on his face.

     A few hours later the announcement did come, but it didn’t happen the way it should have. It’s not Porrim. The new Religious Leader happened to be his little sister – Tunne. “It’s a female. We’ve never had a female before. I can’t kill a female.” Velomon stormed out of the room with the crowd there singing 'Till Thy Kingdome Comes to their new Religious Leader.
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