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This is the short Cinderella story told from the Stepmothers point of view.
The Case for the Wicked Stepmother
Lady Tremaine sat in her chair and pondered her situation. Her husband had been dead for two years and she was struggling. Her daughters were coming of age and they were making it difficult. They did not waste a moment to point out that Cinderella was not her own flesh and blood. She had tried her best to help Cinderella fit in, but Cinderella was different to a fault. She was very petite and she could not fit into the same clothes as Anastasia and Drezella, which presented and hardship, and she was a dreamer. Lady Tremaine felt she had done all she could to keep the family together but her budget was strained and her estate was at risk. She ran her spotted fingers through graying jet-black waves. She glanced at the looking glass. She wasn’t the beauty she used to be and now she would fall on hard times if she did not act fast. The dark puffed circles around her eyes and wrinkled skin confirmed that she was no longer marketable. A brief moment of sadness cascaded over her countenance, and in that same instance she thought of her own daughters Drezella and Anastasia. They had the beauty of her youth and given the right conditions they could marry into the upper echelons of society as she had, and save their family from ruin. Lady Tremaine concluded that her daughter’s must have every advantage to marry well to sustain the family status. Everyone will have to pitch in to save this estate and keep this family together. Cinderella will have to take up some of the slack so that Anastasia and Drezella could put themselves in a position to marry the prince. Lady Tremaine did not include Cinderella in the vision of her youth. She knew that if either of her daughters were betrothed to the prince, then her household would be taken care of and so would Cinderella. Lady Tremaine set her plan in motion and arranged for her daughters to attend all of the luncheons and dinners of the well-connected community. She called in all of her favors and she took advantage of her late husbands contacts. She spared no expense to assure that her girls had the best dresses, shoes, and the latest hairstyles. She assured that Anastasia and Drezella were well groomed for the circuit of events that would lead to a hand in marriage.

Cinderella was beside herself, she could not believe her ears and she could not see the big picture. She did not want to help the servants with the chores and she did not want to wait on her wicked stepsisters. Lady Tremaine tried to reason with her and she tried to make her understand that she did not have anything to worry about. “Cinderella, I need your support here,” shrieked Lady Tremaine. “We must all stick together at a time like this and do what is necessary to keep our family together and save our status. Surely you must know that I will do everything in my power to keep you from being orphaned, but you must help as well. Once, the girls are married, your future will be secured, don’t you see that?” Lady Tremaine eyed Cinderella closely, she should have known that Cinderella would not cooperate; she was such a spoiled brat! Her father let her have her way all the time and never made her responsible for anything! "I didn’t give a second thought to keep you on after your father died and this is how you react when I ask for your help?” We will not be able to keep on any of servants within a year if your sisters do not find a proper suitor can’t you see that you silly girl? ”Lady Tremaine was very disappointed and she became very angry. Cinderella had thrown a temper tantrum about how she was more beautiful than her stepsisters and how it wasn’t fair that she was not invited to go out in society and to the ball. She accused the stepdaughters of being mean by persuading her stepmother to count her out and she refused to help them prepare. Lady Tremaine did all she could to convince Cinderella to look at the big picture and to think about her future. Finally Lady Tremaine put her foot down. “Cinderella, you will keep this house clean and help to take care of your sisters as instructed!” shouted Lady Tremaine. It is very difficult to take care of this family alone, and we all have to do our part. You need to show a little gratitude for I have not thrown you out in the street and I have not asked you for much. Your sisters are more than willing to do what they are told to help this family, why can’ t you be more like them?
Your father would turn over in his grave if he had knowledge of your selfishness towards this family and towards me, how dare you!"
Exasperated, Lady Tremaine took her leave. She and the girls were leaving to have lunch with the Dowager. She studied the girls to make sure that every hair was in place and they looked like ladies. Drezella’s brown hair was parted down the center and pulled back into curled ringlets, and Anastasia’s red hair was a styled in a full banged bob. They would have to practice their manners and refine grace-like moves but there was no time today. Lady Tremaine pinched their cheeks for color as they boarded the carriage on the way into town. Lady Tremaine reflected on the day and she knew that everything was going to turn out well. Cinderella will come around she thought. Raising a blended family had its own challenges, but being a single mother of three young ladies was proving to be far more difficult. Lady Tremaine changed her focus to prevent a sour mood. Now, now girls we must concentrate all of our efforts on the perfect suitors at the Dowager’s luncheon. Everyone will be there so girls you must be on your best manners. You both look very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Drezella, now sit up straight, you must not slouch and smile. Anastasia, let me do the talking, you just look up and nod once in a while and smile. Onward we go, there will be plenty of suitors there including the prince to ask you too the ball. The girls giggled as Lady Tremaine sat up straight and looked forward. “Yes,” she thought, all will be well.”

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